Special Cake Selection for Fans and Professions

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Not only for football but also for all other sports, fans are actually a symbol of commitment to the team. Being a fan is a passion and it develops during childhood. At a fan celebration or a fan Birthday cake The cake to be chosen will be engraved in history as an unforgettable memory.

This passion that started in childhood continues with the same intensity for almost a lifetime. When it comes to fan cake, everyone has a different concept. Especially; "Black eagle" for Beşiktaş fans, "yellow canary" for Fenerbahçe and "ultra lion" for Galatasaray fans are indispensable symbols.

The ball or the materials used in sports can be chosen as the cake shape, as well as the cake colors should be adjusted according to the team. A full post-match celebration can be made with colorful cookies or savory dishes to be served with not only cake but also cake.

Special Cakes For Professions

Cake designs are made suitable for doctors, police officers, soldiers, lawyers and other special professions, and thanks to these cakes, it is possible for your friends to have an unforgettable birthday. Here are some cake suggestions:

  • Lawyer Cake
  • Police Cake
  • Soldier Cake
  • Engineer Cake
  • Sports Cake
  • Doctor Cake

If you are going to choose a cake according to your lover's profession, especially if you put his photo on his beloved cake, you can get his heart with an effective cake. If you don't have the chance to order a boutique cake, you can make your own cake at home:

If you are making a birthday cake for your lover, you must first buy a heart sponge cake. However, if you are having trouble finding the heart sponge cake, we have two suggestions for you: First, cut the two sides of the round sponge and shape it into a heart shape. Second, cut the cake carefully by making a heart mold out of paper.

After giving the cake the heart shape, add chocolate sauce, fruits and nuts to the inside. Then place the cake on a stand. Rotate the cake so that it looks smooth on all sides. Then apply the cake gel on the cake. You can get the paste gel ready or you can make it yourself at home. After covering the cake, you can place a cherry or strawberry on top.


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