Simulation Area Established in Konya Science Center

Simulation area established in konya science center
Simulation area established in konya science center

New exhibition areas opened in Konya Science Center, which was brought to the city by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, await science enthusiasts.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Turkey's first science center, he said TÜBİTAK funded science enthusiast to serve primarily students of all ages, including Konya Science Center. Noting that Disaster Awareness, CERN, Fossil-Stone-Mineral Exhibition areas recently opened in Konya Science Center attracted attention, Mayor Altay said that especially in the 6 different simulation areas opened within the 'Our Universe' exhibition gallery, visitors had experiences they had never experienced before.

Mayor Altay invited everyone interested in science to the planetarium, observation tower, library, scientific exhibition areas and Konya Science Center within the scope of pandemic measures.


Equipped for parachute training, "Parachute Simulation" provides visitors with a parachute experience through virtual glasses. The Parachute Simulator, which starts with a horizontal fall at a realistic speed, can detect the basic maneuvers to be made with arms and legs during a fall. The Parachute Simulator can respond to applications such as leaving the main parachute and opening a backup in the emergency scenario. The system can report all maneuvers and reactions made by the paratrooper as a result of the training.


Within the scope of the ATC Training Simulator, the images and sounds created using the local and nationally developed atcTRsim (ATC Training Simulator) are synchronized in the air traffic controller simulator, where visitors can control air traffic with the screens they use in the real environment. In the air traffic control tower simulator, visitors learn practically what planes should do in landing, take-off and emergency situations in different conditions and provide air traffic controls themselves.


Thanks to the Jetpack (Backpack Rocket) Simulator, which is another simulator device, the visitors perform a task given in space. Thanks to the rocket simulation that astronauts use to move in space and perform their missions, visitors are asked to repair the defective spacecraft. In this area, the Moon Walk Platform and Space Shuttle simulation are also offered to the visitors.

Within the scope of the 'Simulation Area' pandemic measures established in cooperation with HAVELSAN, it can be visited between 10.00-16.00 on weekdays.

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