Beware Of These To Stay Safe In The Clubhouse!

Pay attention to these to stay safe in the clubhouse
Pay attention to these to stay safe in the clubhouse

The voice-driven social network Clubhouse continues to attract the attention of users from all over the world. Keepnet Labs warns users not to let go of caution against the illusion of trust created by the application.

The Clubhouse application, which emerged during the period when the houses were closed due to the epidemic and satisfied people's longing for real-life interactions, quickly became popular, although it can be used with a special invitation and works only on iPhone phones.

Clubhouse is the 5th most popular country Turkey

As of the 8 million users around the world, reaching applications, it was also very popular in Turkey. Other social networks as the most frequently used countries between the name of the prints Turkey, Appfigures of February beginning of collected data to the applications most used by the United States, according to Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom after became the fifth country with the number of downloads of close to 125 thousand.

The new social network allows people to join rooms where different topics are discussed as listeners, speakers or moderators. But while the app spreads word of mouth, it still hosts many security flaws and privacy errors. On the other hand, the fact that people are more open and cautious to those they believe to have similar ideas makes it easier for cyber hackers who seek information to use against their victims.

Pay attention to your posts against social engineering attacks

Clubhouse sohbet odalarıIn spite of the speech to be stored temporarily, Keepnet attention can be saved to an external device in the room by the spoken Labs Country Manager for Turkey Erdinc Balci, "users friendly sohbet All or part of what they said during the course can be recorded and used out of context. "The recorded conversations can be used by cyber hackers to seek ransom, as well as make it easier for hackers to learn more about their victims to conduct customized phishing attacks."

Keepnet Labs experts gave the following recommendations to Clubhouse users to stay safe.

  • Note that no social networks, including Clubhouse, are safe for sharing your sensitive information.
  • The application asks you to share your address book after signing up. However, Clubhouse is currently only compliant with the data privacy regulation CCPA in the USA and not with the GDPR in Europe or the KVKK in our country.
  • To avoid hate speech or cyberbullying due to lack of moderation, only join rooms you know and trust.
  • You can block the speakers that bother you.
  • Be wary of people using a nickname instead of their real name.
  • Keep in mind that even though the conversations are inaccessible to users when rooms are over, these conversations can be recorded simultaneously or transferred to another social network.
  • A system bug that has already been discovered allows users to join rooms without being seen, listen to and record what was spoken. Although Clubhouse announces that they are working on this error, never get virtual confidence and stay cautious.
  • Observe the social network's 18 and over age limit. Do not allow children and teens under this age to use the social network to avoid exposure to objectionable content.
  • Note that the Clubhouse may have to share data with legal authorities in certain situations and can determine your location via your IP address.
  • Although Clubhouse does not sell your personal data, it can use it to improve its services and share it with business partners. For this reason, consider carefully which data you will keep in the system.

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