Attention to TSE Certified Service Point in Second Hand Vehicle Trade!

Pay attention to TSE certified service point in used vehicle trade
Pay attention to TSE certified service point in used vehicle trade

The independent and impartial auto expertise service, which is the most important factor when purchasing a second-hand car, plays a role in determining the sales price of the second-hand vehicle and is important in terms of the buyer's ability to see the past and current status of the vehicle they are seeking. In order to get reliable service in the auto expertise sector, attention should be paid to the TSE Service Qualification certificate. Ozan Ayözger, Deputy General Manager of TÜV SÜD D-Expert, warned those who are interested in used vehicle trade by saying, "In the second hand vehicle trade, buyers and sellers should pay attention to having a TSE certificate at the service point where they have vehicle expertise done."

All Points Need to be Investigated in Depth

Automobile appraisal processes include in-depth examination of all points, from the changed parts of the vehicle after the accident, to the damaged mechanical parts and the parts that are likely to cause problems or costs. When these inspection procedures are completed, a second hand vehicle expertise report is given to the person who has requested an expertise. However, the most important point that the buyer should pay attention to while submitting the report is the TSE Service Qualification Certificate.

Companies with Full Service Documents Should Work

Deputy General Manager Ozan Ayözger said, “With TÜV SÜD D-Expert's fully independent, impartial and reliable auto expertise service, we aim to prevent situations that cause the buyer or seller to be victimized when shopping for used vehicles. We, as TÜV SÜD D-Expert family, work for our goal of providing reliable service to customers in the easiest and fastest way, contributing to the creation of trust between buyers and sellers, and our team is our duty to make the buyers victimized by service providers who cannot meet the conditions of the new regulation. is unacceptable in terms of the trust principle we are trying to provide in the sector. ''

Ayözger concluded his words as follows: “We are expanding our service network in order to provide a fully independent, accurate and reliable environment that can meet the expectations of people, clarify the communication between buyer and seller in second hand auto expertise service. We are happy to bring our quality service to our customers at Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium in the heart of Istanbul Anatolian Side. "

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