Oral and Dental Health is of Great Importance in Children!

Oral and dental health is of great importance in children
Oral and dental health is of great importance in children

Mustafa SÖYLEMEZ, Chief Physician of Hospitadent Dental Group Fatih Branch, emphasized the importance of paying attention to oral and dental health from a young age, stating that malnutrition in childhood will cause various health problems as well as great problems on oral and dental health.

Emphasizing that foods such as chocolate, fruit juice, biscuits and ready-to-eat foods, which are called uniform nutrition in children, are more prominent and therefore oral and dental health remain in the background in childhood, Chief Physician SÖYLEMEZ, he said, and stated that it revealed dental problems.

Stating that children should have a dental examination at least once until the age of 2 if there is no problem, and after the age of 2, they should go to the check-up regularly once every 6 months, the dentist does not say that this habit should be taught at a young age and thus, children He expressed that they would give more importance. He added that the positive thoughts of the parents and the people around the child about the dentists and the behavior that they are happy to go to the dentist reinforce the importance of the child's oral and dental health.

Advice for Parents

The Chief Physician DOES NOT SAY, “It is very important to teach children the correct oral care rules from a young age. Parents can give the message that oral health is important to their children if they care for their teeth and take good care of them. In addition, parents can accompany their children during the brushing process, making oral and dental care fun and direct them to oral care. He made recommendations.

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