Operation Against Cyber ​​Fraudsters in Istanbul

Operation against cyber fraudsters in Istanbul
Operation against cyber fraudsters in Istanbul

As a result of the intelligence studies conducted within the scope of the crimes of "Misuse of Bank and Credit Cards" and "Qualified Theft Through the Use of Information Systems", the Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command Cybercrime teams, some people obtained the information of some citizens on the internet and issued credit cards on behalf of these persons and He received the information that he spent a large amount of money using these credit cards.

They Used The Cell Phone Shop As a Cover

As a result of the technical and physical follow-up of the gendarmerie teams, it was determined that people named AG and MG in Esenler carried out the said activities in the mobile phone shop they used as a front.

Gendarmerie teams, who conducted an operation on the workplace of the suspects, which were used as houses and screens, detained AG and M.G. In the operation, these people are evaluated to be used to capture the information of citizens.

  • 12 laptop,
  • server computer,
  • 25 hard disk,
  • 5 SSD disk,
  • 31 memory card,
  • 27 USB stick,
  • 40 ATM card,
  • 2 color printer,
  • 17 mobile phone,
  • 27 sim card and
  • 1 A hidden camera that looks like a vehicle key was captured.

In the operation, a list of the names of the citizens, whose information was seized without their consent from a hard disk hidden in the roof, appeared.

Gendarmerie teams, with the mechanisms they set up, determined that many citizens interfered with the banking transactions of AG and M.G. with this method, 240 thousand liras unfairly. kazanHe determined what he had achieved.

While AG was sent to the courthouse, he was released on condition of control with a ban from abroad, while MG was arrested and sent to prison.

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