BİSİM Network Reached Gaziemir

My network reached Gaziemire
My network reached Gaziemire

to Gaziemir kazanMayor Halil Arda, who spoke at the opening ceremony of BISIM stations, gave the good news that the number of stations will be increased to 4 and new bike paths will be built.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to Gaziemir kazan2 BISIM stations on Sevgi Yolu and Festival Area were put into service with a ceremony. The opening ceremony, hosted by Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda, was attended by CHP İzmir Provincial Vice Presidents İsfahan Naki and Sedredil Coşkuner, CHP Gaziemir District President Kasım Özkan and board members, Iyi Party Gaziemir District President Sedat Dağ and board members, city council members, IZULAŞ General Manager Arda Şekercioğlu, Bicycle Pedestrian Access and Planning Branch Manager Özlem Taşkın Erten, Deputy Mayors Necati Kırmaz, Deniz Dinler, Hülya Abay, Ferdağ Yiğit and unit managers attended.

The number of stations will increase to 4

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mayor Halil Arda said that he was happy to fill a great deficiency in Gaziemir. Giving the good news that the number of stations in the district will increase in the near future, Mayor Halil Arda said, “As a cyclist who spends weekends on bicycles, I will offer BISIM to Gaziemir. kazanI am happy to climb. This is a beginning. BISIM will start to serve with two stations in Gaziemir. Two stations may not seem enough, we will ask IZULAŞ General Manager Arda Şekercioğlu to increase this number quickly. Two stations will be built in Abdullah Arda Square and Emlak Bankası Residences. But I see it as a shortcoming that a station was not considered, especially in the Sarnıç Region, which has the only bicycle path in our district. If we can add two stations between Sarnıç İzban Station and Sarnıç center, we will enable our citizens living in this region to reach İZBAN by bicycle. I would like to thank our Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer and the employees of the municipality.”

New bicycle routes will be built in Gaziemir

Explaining that the contactless rental system with the QR code implemented at BISIM stations was used for the first time at the stations in Gaziemir, Mayor Arda said that new bicycle paths will be provided to the district. kazanHe also shared the information that he will be fired.

Chairman Arda said: “QR code technology is used here for the first time in Gaziemir. The system will work with QR code. Necessary transactions will be made contactless, without BISI card, with credit card and the bike will be unlocked. We brought BISIM, but we have a great lack of bike paths. New bicycle paths of our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to Gaziemir kazanThere is climbing work. I wish the zoning plans had been made with the bike paths in mind in the past years. However, we are not too late.”

Stating that people live a very fast life with the developing technology and this situation is not suitable for human nature, President Arda said, “We need to put the bicycle into our lives. We have to slow down our lives a little. We live with technology at great speed. Our body is not suitable for this speed. This speed in technology is reflected in our lives in such a way that we are experiencing difficulties. Bicycle actually comes into our lives as a means of transportation that will slow down our lives and keep us healthy by doing sports. I hope BISIM will be auspicious for Gaziemir ”.

After the opening ceremony held at the BİSİM Station on the Sevgi Yolu, Mayor Halil Arda rode with the participants to the city hall.

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