Mobile Phone Technologies Expected to Make Their Mark on the Future

Mobile phone technologies expected to mark the future
Mobile phone technologies expected to mark the future

Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily life. The technological development of smart mobile phones that meet almost all our needs continues rapidly. İ, an e-commerce platform that offers thousands of technology products in a wide range from gaming ready systems to professional player equipment, has put on the table the mobile phone technologies that are expected to mark the future.

Smart mobile phones continue to meet almost all of our expectations we need in everyday life, from shopping to entertainment. While researches show that the number of smartphone users worldwide exceeded 2020 billion in 3,5, phone usage habits continue to increase. A study ** conducted in the United States in 2018 revealed that users open their phones 48 times a day, while this number increases to 79 in the Z generation.

According to İ data, which was established in 2008 to deliver electronic products at the most affordable price, highest quality service and reliable shopping approach, the use of mobile devices is rapidly increasing. The data show that 2020% of the visits made to İ in 65 were made on mobile devices., which focuses on mobile phone technologies that are expected to mark the coming period, discussed the future of the mobile phone industry.

New chips will increase performance and energy efficiency

In the upcoming period, the processing power of phones will continue to increase day by day. Thus, we will be able to run applications that require higher processing power with our mobile phones. It is known that the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer will begin mass production of chips based on 3 nm architecture next year. While 3-15% performance increase is expected in mobile phones with 35 nm architecture, it is also predicted that the devices will provide energy efficiency between 25-35%.

5G will break the rules

Another important development in the coming period will be the spread of 5G technology. With the introduction of 5G technology into our lives, our experience of using mobile devices has improved; We will also witness developments in smart city, smart home solutions and use of autonomous vehicles. When 5G, the cellular data infrastructure that enables higher internet speeds in a wider frequency range, becomes widespread all over the world, there will be a major transformation in mobile device usage experiences. In this parallel; Watching videos, playing games and similar actions will take place without interruption.

Mobile phones can be used for 5 days on a single charge

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are still used in mobile devices. As part of the ever-increasing energy needs of mobile phones, studies in this area continue without slowing down. Studies continue on new generation battery technologies that can run a phone for up to 5 days and are less harmful to nature. There are also developments in wireless charging technologies. It is predicted that users will be able to adapt more to wireless charging in the future. Also, in parallel with all these developments; Theoretical studies on the development of wireless charging technologies with Wi-Fi or a similar radio frequency method are also ongoing.

We'll start seeing movies shot by phone

As the number of applications and social media platforms that support multimedia content increases, the need for phones with equipment that can produce higher quality content increases. Acting within the scope of this need, manufacturers develop cameras that provide a better lens and higher quality image in each new model phone. In the coming period, we may encounter cell phone models whose front and rear cameras record better images and even allow filming.

Virtual reality technologies can be used in education

Recently, we continue to hear the concept of "virtual reality" more. It is foreseen that virtual reality technology, which we witness to use in different fields every day, can be used in areas such as education and personnel training, as part of the widespread use of distance education and working system by integrating it into mobile phones.

Mobile phone technologies will continue to develop

Nurettin Erzen, Founding Partner of; “Researches show that the use of smart mobile phones is constantly increasing. This ratio will continue to increase exponentially with the widespread use of social media platforms and applications that meet every need. In this context, it is inevitable to develop new technologies. We think that new chips, 5G technology, new generation batteries and virtual reality technologies to be developed in the upcoming period will gain more place in our lives ”.

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