MEO Turkey Red Bull Champions Announced

MeO turkey champions became clear red bull
MeO turkey champions became clear red bull

The world's most competitive mobile games arena champions Red Bull MEO TFT game Hearthstone and Turkey were announced. All over Turkey's accession to open the Red Bull MeO on-line after the finals, '' Cabixo 'at Hearthstone,' Overrated '' and '' Fujitor to '' won the right to represent Turkey at the world finals in TFT . Red Bull MEO World Finals, hosted by Turkey will be held in March. Red Bull MEO breathtaking fight scenes, which can be viewed again from Turkey Finals address.

The world's most competitive mobile games arena MeO Red Bull will represent Turkey in the world before the finale will be held in Istanbul teams were announced. The champions of Hearthstone and TFT tournaments were determined after the grand finals in the arena where mobile gamers first fought in PUBG MOBILE this season. Turkey, which is open to contributions from all over and done with HyperX supports Red Bull MeCN after the finals online Canberk 'Cabixo' Binbay reached victory in Hearthstone, Ilker 'Overrated' 'Booth became the champion in the TFT. Kaan "Fujitora" Çekli, on the other hand, qualified for the world final in the TFT game.

World Final in Istanbul in March

Turkey's team champion, also won the right to represent our country at the World Final of Red Bull MEO. 28 qualifiers held in the country MeO PUBG Red Bull MOBILE, Hearthstone and TFT-world champions, will be held in Turkey's home ownership in March the Red Bull World Finals will be decided in MEO.

Innovative start from Red Bull MEO

Red Bull MEO turns the city into a playground before the big world finale. Mobile gamers are trying to download the drop boxes identified with PUBG MOBILE to any point in the city in the most creative and fun way with the AR filter active on Instagram. 3 gamers who shoot the most creative videos every week and share them on their Instagram account with the specified steps are awarded surprise prizes. Detailed information on the steps required to participate in this fun experience is at

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