Haydarpaşa Train Station Restoration Work Has Ended

Haydarpasa gari restoration work has come to an end
Haydarpasa gari restoration work has come to an end

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, went to Istanbul today and made examinations at the Historical Haydarpaşa Train Station, where restoration works have been continuing for a while. Minister Karaismailoğlu, who made important statements to the members of the press, stated that they carried out an extremely meticulous and qualified restoration work in Haydarpaşa Train Station.

"We are carrying out an extremely meticulous and qualified restoration work in Haydarpaşa Train Station"

Hundred years time Istanbul railways with Anatolia, Haydarpaşa Train Station linking Baghdad and the Hejaz region, only the Minister Karaismailoğlu indicating that valuable in terms of history is not the whole of Turkey in terms of the history of Istanbul, he said the following:

"2nd. Haydarpaşa Train Station, whose construction began on May 30, 1906 during the reign of Abdülhamit, was completed and put into service on May 19, 1908. However, in 1979 when the Romanian oil-laden tanker named Independenta passed through the Bosphorus; In the accident that exploded off the Haydarpaşa Station, 43 ship crew members died and caused a 27-day big fire and environmental disaster, the windows and historical colored stained glasses of Haydarpaşa Station were shattered. Also, unfortunately, as you know, due to the fire that broke out on November 28, 2010, the roof of our Haydarpaşa Train Station collapsed, the fourth floor became completely unusable and the building was badly damaged. "

"We have been instrumental in reaching new information about the history of Istanbul"

Minister Karaismailoğlu, who stated that they started complete renovation and restoration works in order to restore Haydarpaşa Train Station to its old beauty in accordance with its original and to strengthen it against a possible earthquake, continued his statements as follows:

“We have made very important progress within the scope of the works that continue in two stages with the approval of the Board of Monuments. Under the permission of the Board and the Istanbul Archeology Museums Directorate; We started the complete renovation works of Haydarpaşa Station Building, which is the 1st stage, on December 7, 2015. We completed the provisional acceptance on February 15, 2019. On May 11, 2018, we started the restoration of the 2nd Stage of Haydarpaşa Station Building and Outbuilding. "

“As you can see, we are approaching the end of our work. However, Istanbul is an ancient city. During the excavations carried out within the scope of the Marmaray project implemented by our Ministry, we reached the Neolithic layer, which takes the city's history back approximately 8 years. We have been instrumental in reaching new information on the history of Istanbul. A similar situation was experienced in the works to improve the rails at Haydarpaşa Station platforms. During the studies, historical buildings thought to belong to the ancient city of Khalkedon (Kalkedon) came to light.

"History Haydarpasa Train Station area ArcheoPark & ​​Station Complex design concept will be a first in Turkey and the world"

Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that the building foundations of the Ottoman, Roman, early and late Byzantine periods were encountered during the excavations carried out by the Istanbul Archeology Museum in and around the platforms, and stated that such situations may naturally cause unwanted delays in the projects.

Karaismailoğlu said, “However, we could not remain indifferent to these values, which are the common heritage of humanity. We also contacted the relevant institutions and worked jointly. Our work continues with our Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We will share the historical values ​​that come to light with our people and the whole world as soon as possible. In this context, we have a new study, ”he said.

Date Haydarpasa Train Station area Archaeopark & ​​Station Complex design concept with Turkey and one of the first would be the transfer of Ministers Karaismailoğlu in the world, "sheds light on the history of Istanbul ArkeoPark, will become an important inflection point in terms of historical tourism. Haydarpaşa Train Station will partially continue its railway activities with its new face, as it was in the past, when our restoration, museum and archaeo park works are completed.

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