The Volume of the Global Game Market Will Rise to $ 365 Billion

the volume of the game market will rise to billion dollars
the volume of the game market will rise to billion dollars

According to We Are Social 2021 data, mobile games rank first among the most downloaded applications in the world. The global game market, which is 2020 billion in 175, is expected to rise to 365 billion dollars.

According to the global 2021 World Digital Report prepared by We Are Social with Hootsuite, people spend about 7 hours a day on the internet. Television is watched for an average of 3,5 hours a day, 2,5 hours are spent on social media, and games are played for an average of 1 hour. In the world where 92,6 percent of internet access is provided via mobile phones, mobile games take the first place among the most downloaded applications.

Will grow 5 percent in 108 years

The interest in mobile games accelerates the growth of the game market. According to the report prepared by ARK, which provides investment consultancy services, the global game market, which was 2020 billion in 175, will increase to approximately 2025 billion dollars by 365. The number of mobile players, which is determined as 2020 billion as of 2,7, is expected to exceed 2023 billion in 3.

We are a leader in the Middle East and African market

Noting that the global game market has grown four times in 2020 compared to the previous year, IFASTURK Education, R&D and Support Founder Mesut Şenel said, “It is expected that the global game market will reach 5 billion dollars from 175 billion dollars in the next 365 years. According to the Safer Internet Center Report, Digital Games, when the sector's economic size is evaluated on a regional basis, we see that Turkey is located in the leading position in the Middle East-Africa market. We provide all the necessary support to contribute to the development of the game industry in our country. We are with our expert staff at every stage so that entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the game world with their innovative ideas can benefit from state supports and incentives. gave the information.

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