First Transit Freight From Tekirdağ to Europe by Train

The first transit cargo set out to bulgaria by train
The first transit cargo set out to bulgaria by train

Turkey's first and largest transit port (Hub Port), which Asiaport, was one of the organizations perform more goals. With its connection to the Medlog Train Station, which became operational in last November, the goods coming to Asyaport will be transported from Tekirdağ to Europe by rail. In this context, the first transit freight set out to Bulgaria today.

Turkey's first and largest transit container port is performing all of the step Asiaport target. Our Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Mr.Prof. Dr. Thanks to this road, which started with Mustafa ŞENTOP's farewell to the first export-loaded train, export cargo started to be carried to Europe by rail. with the progress made in combined transport faster and more environmentally friendly ways to open Medlog Asiaport with links to the train station will no longer be transported by train from Tekirdag also transit cargoes from Turkey to Europe. In this context, 20 pieces of 40 'High Cube container loads from Ivory Coast were unloaded to Asyaport and transferred to Medlog Train Station and today set out to deliver door to door delivery to Parvomai, the destination point in Bulgaria. Freight going across the Bosphorus will be delivered door-to-door, saving a great deal of time with rail transport.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the share of rail freight transportation, which was preferred in 2020 and allows "contactless trade" activities, has increased significantly in the last quarter. Finally, a Bulgarian company preferred this type of transport and carried out its loading.

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