Filyos Port in Turkey Will Be Output Point International Maritime

Filyos harbor turkiyenin will point outputs in international maritime trade
Filyos harbor turkiyenin will point outputs in international maritime trade

The Filyos Workshop, which was prepared to provide academic and scientific contributions to the 'Filyos Valley Project', which is among the 5 largest investments of our country in economic development, and to ensure the use of knowledge in the industry within the scope of cooperation with universities and other stakeholders, was hosted by Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University.

The workshop was opened in Sezai Karakoç Cultural Center with the motto "The Future is Shaping in Filyos." Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz, Deputy Mayor of Zonguldak Municipality Murat Uzun, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çufalı, Bartın University Rector Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Gönen Süslü, Filyos Mayor Ömer Ünal, Provincial General Assembly Chairman Necdet Karaveli, Zonguldak TSO Chairman Metin Demir, relevant department managers and academic staff attended. Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Hasan Büyükdeniz, Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) Chairman and CEO Melih Bilgin Khan, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Infrastructure Investments General Manager Dr. Shipping General Manager Ünal Yalcin Eyigün Bayhan, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal participated in the workshop via video conference via zoom. The workshop started with the opening speech of our Rector after a minute of silence and the Turkish National Anthem.

  Filyos Workshop An Important Output of University-Industry-Public Cooperation

Stating that Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University conducts sustainable projects in the name of local development as well as quality and qualified education activities within the scope of its mission to integrate with the society, our Rector said that our university is a higher education institution that produces and spreads knowledge, and that it is an important dynamic of regional development. Rector Prof. Dr. In this context, Çufalı emphasized that the Workshop organized within the scope of the Filyos Valley Project, which is a great investment for both regional and our country's growth and development, is also one of the most important outputs of university-industry cooperation.

Our Rector, who reiterated that they attach great importance to the Filyos Vadi Project as a university, said, "In the first place, our workshop was organized under the headings of" Production, Employment and Investment "regarding this mega project, which will carry out joint studies with our academic and scientific infrastructure, with our stakeholders, and will become a center of attraction in the development of our province and our region. "We plan to add socioeconomic and other topics, especially tourism, to our academic activities in the future due to the historical background of the Filyos region and being an ancient city, and to plan national and even international congresses."

Underlining that Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University is a powerful engine of our city and region in academic and scientific activities and social integration projects, Prof. Dr. Çufalı emphasized that the university will continue to deal with the problems of our region, to determine local dynamics and to highlight the advantages, as it was yesterday, and wished Filyos Workshop to be beneficial to our region and country, especially to our province, and to all participants and participants in the workshop. He ended his words by thanking.

  Filyos Valley Project Is One of Our Country's Jewels

TPAO Chairman of the Board and General Manager Melih Han Bilgin, who was connected to the workshop online and started with a brief briefing about the activities of the institution, talked about TPAO's activities in Filyos region. Stating that the project will be the 'energy center' of the region in terms of transporting the natural gas discovered in the Black Sea to land, processing and bringing it to the national economy, Bilgin said, “The Filyos Valley Project is one of the jewels of our country. With the implementation of the project, the current account deficit in energy will be closed and energy imports will decrease. Filyos port is a port center actively used in terms of activities carried out by TPAO at sea. The project will be a logistics center and a land production center in the process of transporting and processing Black Sea natural gas to land. In this context, by establishing an 'Earth Sciences Center' in Filyos, we will act together with Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University and other Higher Education Institutions in the region. " said. Stating that they want to be an important component in the future of Filyos as TPAO, Bilgin made them happy to be a stakeholder in the Filyos Workshop prepared within the framework of this project that will contribute to national employment within the framework of cooperation with the national industry, and the Rector of Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, who conducted the workshop. Dr. He thanked all those who contributed, especially Mustafa Çufalı, and other stakeholders.

 Filyos, A Special Project That Will Leave A Success Story Behind

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Manager of Infrastructure Investments Dr. Yalçın Eyigün said that the Filyos Valley Project was one of the biggest investments of our country as the General Directorate at the Workshop, which was connected online. Underlining that the project constitutes a serious alternative in the medium and long term future of our country, Dr. Eyigün said, “After the completion of the Filyos Valley Project, it is a special project that will leave a success story behind with its components and wide hinderland area. Transportation studies in the region continue. In this context, with the largest sea port of Filyos to be linked to land and rail links with Turkey's installation at any point in the world to be made to reach every place. As such, the region will become a very large and active logistics center. " said. Stating that they are in contact with local institutions and organizations regarding the project, Eyigün said, “In this regard, I would like to thank the Rector of Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University for the workshop they organized. Our scientific and academic cooperation with the university will continue in the future. The contribution of Filyos Workshop to better understanding and development of the project is also important. I would like to thank those who contributed to the preparation of the workshop ”.

 Filyos Port, Turkey will be the starting point of the International Maritime

Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Maritime General Manager Ünal Bayhan video conference link project was to evaluate Turkey's maritime trade axis. Filyos Valley Project in terms of Turkey's growing maritime transport 'complete vision project' is that underlining the project's major components, said port of Filyos through our country would have a reduction in the cost of shipping. stating the world under the influence of the area that Covidien-19 pandemic with global trade creates a strong alternative to sea transport Bayhan, highlighting the Black Sea will be one of the most important ports of the port of Filyos will be hosted to future periods in national and international commercial ships, "Filyos port, Turkey's international maritime will be the starting point in trade. Filyos port is an irreplaceable port with its geopolitical location. It will play a key role in our country's maritime trade in the medium and long term. The workshop prepared for this project, which will add a strong momentum to the development of our country, is important in this context. I would like to thank Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, the host of the Filyos Workshop, and those who contributed to the workshop. As the stakeholder of the workshop, academic and scientific cooperation will continue with Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University ”.

 Filyos Workshop in the Production and Use of Knowledge An Exemplary Project

In his online speech, TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal stated that the scientific and academic activities included in the 'Producing and Using Knowledge' approach as TÜBİTAK are very valuable for them and the future of our country and stated that the workshop is one of the exemplary projects for our country in line with this principle. Continuing his speeches with a presentation titled 'Developing and Achieving Together for Filyos Valley Project', Prof. Dr. Mandal said that at the point of valuing production and increasing added value, action will be taken in relation to the Filyos Valley Project in R&D and innovation processes. Emphasizing the importance of using the knowledge of the university in industry in the development of the country, Mandal said, “In this context, Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Rector, stakeholders and those who contributed to the workshop 'Production of Knowledge with R&D support; I would like to thank him with his qualified knowledge and qualified human resources for his contribution to the principle of 'Development Together' ”.

 Filyos Valley Project Is A Potential Production Basin Within Our Industrial Production Targets

Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, who was the last speaker within the scope of online connection, informed about the industrial zone of Filyos and talked about the role of the project in the development of the Western Black Sea. Emphasizing that the region will be integrated to the whole world with a railway connection, Büyükdede said, “Filyos Industrial Zone is an important region of ours as the Ministry. Filyos Valley Project is a potential production basin among our industrial production targets. Environmental balance will be preserved in the activities carried out in the region, and the unique nature of Filyos will not be harmed. During the completion of the project, new industrial investments will be made in the region ”. Deputy Minister Büyükdede, wishing to open the investments to be made face to face in the future, underlined that the Filyos Workshop is important in terms of determining the most suitable industrial facilities in the region and that it will give important clues to our Ministry, “Our wish is the center of attraction of both the industrial zone, the free zone and the port. Filyos Workshop guiding it to become. In this context, I thank Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Rector, General Managers and those who contributed, and I wish the workshop to be beneficial ”.

 Filyos Valley Project Is A Project That Will Leave Its Mark On The Next Century

Mustafa Tutulmaz, the Governor of Zonguldak and Member of the Filyos Workshop Honorary Board, stated that it will make an important contribution to the industrial and commercial center of the Western Black Sea Region, and said that the project is a vision project due to its components and will mark the next century. Pointing to the solution of the deficiencies at the transportation point and the problems related to development in order for the investors to benefit from the project more efficiently, Governor Tutulmaz emphasized that Filyos is a candidate to be the shining star of our province in the coming period and the importance of being prepared for the project, which will be an important development move of the next century. Stating that Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University hosted an important workshop on behalf of our city and our country, Tutulmaz said, “Universities lead such vision projects as well as education. In this context, the Filyos Workshop is also an important project. "I would like to thank those who contributed to our workshop, which is important in determining the workforce needed within the framework of the Filyos Valley Project and determining investment areas, and I wish good luck."

The Filyos Workshop, which started with the opening speeches, continued with stakeholder presentations of the Filyos Valley Project online in the afternoon. The presentations were broadcast live on our university's social media accounts. In this context, presentations were made under the topics of "Energy", "Filyos Industrial Zone Chronology", "Filyos Port: Capacity, Infrastructure Opportunities, Predictions", "Filyos Industrial Zone: Current Situation, Future Perspective" and "Why Filyos Valley".

The Importance of Filyos in Becoming a Logistics Center of Our Country

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Transport Services Deputy General Manager Dr. Murat Korçak, in his presentation titled "The Importance of Filyos on the Road to Becoming a Logistics Center of Our Country", stated that, thanks to its advantages, opportunities and priorities, the Filyos region will be a very important stopover point for ships, especially in the phase of transporting natural gas in the Black Sea to the land and bringing it to the economy. and that it may have potential in national and international transportation due to its geopolitical position, and that our country will be a candidate for being an important logistics center with its road, seaway, airline and railway connections.

Filyos Industrial Zone, The Most Suitable Investment Area for Large Scale High Technology Sectors

In his presentation titled “Filyos Industrial Zone Chronology”, Eyüp Güder, Branch Manager of the Ministry of Technology and Industry General Directorate of Industrial Zones, emphasized the importance of the Filyos industrial zone in the eyes of investors after informing about the general characteristics of the industrial zones. Emphasizing that the Filyos industrial zone is the most suitable investment area for large-scale high-tech sectors, Güder stated that the Filyos industrial zone, which is included in the Mixed / Specialized Industrial Zone class, is for more than one investor, and there is no limit problem regarding the size of the area and investment size. He also gave information about the advantages that the company has in favor of investors.

Filyos Will Gain International Home Port Status

In his presentation titled “Why Filyos Port”, the 13th Regional Director of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Erdem Firstbe, emphasized the geopolitical importance of the Filyos region in the context of land-air-sea and railway. Stating that Filyos port will be a logistical base with highways, airlines, seaways and railways at the same time due to its superiority in terms of transportation, İlkbe stated that container transportation, which is very limited in the region, will increase with the strengthening of the port's international main port position.


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