Have the Investments in Railways Really Achieved?

Did the investments made in the railway really reach their target?
Did the investments made in the railway really reach their target?

We know how important investments made in railways are for the country's economy. We are in favor of prioritizing investments and offering them to the public.

Is It Right To Start New Projects Before The Unfinished Projects Are Finished?

The Karasu railway line and Bursa high-speed train projects, whose foundations were laid in 2012, have not yet been completed. These projects, which could not be completed despite the target completion period of 5 years, were tendered again. How much is paid for these lines, and the intended deadlines should be disclosed to the public.

Have Investments in Railway Really Achieved?

Istanbul Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project Number of Passengers Transported: It was announced that 17 million passengers will be transported annually at the high-speed train project groundbreaking ceremony, and the number of passengers transported by high-speed train in 2019 was 3 million 400 thousand and only XNUMX percent of the targeted passenger transport number was reached.

Freight transportation, which was canceled due to high speed train works, could not be provided even after 10 years.
Haydarpaşa Port railway connection has been canceled.

The 3rd Line, which was planned to be built for freight transportation, could not be completed even after 10 years.

Railway connection of 2 ports is active in Kocaeli province and Yılport railway connection has not been made.

Due to the high speed train, the number of flights and stops in Adapazarı has been reduced and the route has also been shortened. These train services, which carry 5 million passengers annually, have been completely abolished due to the pandemic.

Number of Passengers Transported to Marmaray

"Gebze-Halkalı With the commuter line coming into service, Marmaray and Gebze-Halkalı Between 2-10 minutes will be made. 75 thousand passengers per hour in one direction and 1 million 200 thousand passengers on average per day can be transported. " Despite the statement made in the form of, the number of passengers transported is very low as in high-speed trains.

While the number of passengers transported in Marmaray between October 29, 2013 and March 12, 2019 was 318 million 330 thousand 118, this figure was 13 million 29 thousand 84 on 355 March-697 October. 84.355.697 / 230 Days (approx.) = 366.676 people. Even if the actual daily transportation reached 450 thousand, it was far below the targeted number of passengers, which is 2.400 thousand.

In short, before the pandemic, the number of high speed train and Marmaray passengers achieved only XNUMX percent of the targets announced to the public.

We express that we are ready to cooperate to investigate and solve the causes of this problem.

Will High Speed ​​Train Project Be a Solution?

Railways are planned for freight and passenger transport. If the new project to be made will not include freight transportation, the investment-efficiency analysis should be explained to our public.

If the North Marmara railway connection is made without considering the Port-Railway Organized-Industrial railway connections, it will not be beneficial for the industrialist.

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