15-21 February 2021 Daily Energy of the Week

my desire is sheeper
my desire is sheeper

February 15 2021

The Moon is moving in Aries when we will feel more vigorous and attacking, the Jupiter conjunction of Mercury rx in the first hours of the morning and the positive interaction of the Moon with Saturn during the day, there is a good energy flowing in heralding us the productive hours for our business. You can get good results in line with the issues you have been dealing with since time. You can get support from authority figures on matters you want to discuss, later in the evening, prayer meditation times.

February 16 2021

The Moon continues to progress in Aries, There are good energies to move forward by focusing on our goals during the day. When you wake up in the first hours of the morning, it is time to pray to the whole and yourself. It is also useful to be cautious against the sudden events that force the evening hours. Do not neglect to put food in the bowl and open your nest if necessary ..

February 17 2021

The moon goes into emptiness in the first hours of the morning at 03:16. It will switch to Taurus at 06:11 in the morning, we may be hungry and desire to switch to lazy mode for the next two days. We recommend that you spend a challenging day today, especially watching and staying calm. Because the square of Uranus and Saturn, which takes place every 22 years, takes place tonight at 22:07. The effect of this process will spread over a long period and will show itself both economically and technologically.Individually accepting the new without clinging to the old patterns and taking the past to the benefit of us. The most important point is that we stay in balance and move forward with calmness in the middle, so it is time to welcome the new with the experiences of the past.

February 18 2021

The Moon continues to move in Taurus, pay attention to extra spending in the morning hours. During the day, your focus is on good and beautiful thought. At 13:43 in the afternoon, the Sun's transition to Pisces means us to think more mercifully and universally. This night, listening to the voice of our heart, one with the universe. Time to pray to be whole. Time to retreat after 23:00 at night.

February 19 2021

The Moon is a day of financial ups and downs as you move towards the final degrees of Taurus. The moon enters the gap at 10:282 in the morning. It is useful to spend today focusing on what you need to complete. The moon moves to Gemini at 19:03. Talkative for the next two days. We can display a profile that spreads knowledge, teaches. There may be tension in male and female relationships in the evening. Attention.

February 20 2021

The Moon continues to move in the sign of Gemini. Tense planetary angles in the early hours of the day can strain the day. Attention especially to relationship and financial issues is a day open to aggressive debates, sudden discussions and quarrels. It is also useful to spend the day with awareness and support others, focusing on help and good thoughts. In the position of Mercury and it may cause us some difficulties with communication and communication tools. We can recover mentally better in the evening. I recommend that you spend less communication and abundant monitoring today if possible.

February 21 2021

The moon continues to move in Gemini. The most important transit of today, Mercury, the communication planet, will switch directly to the direct course of the communication planet as of 03:51 in the morning. The next week there may still be some problems in business and communication, but as of March 1, it is more comfortable. It is also useful to rest today and prepare ourselves for a new week. The moon passes into space at 21:39, spend the evening focusing on our desires and the sky is wide open.


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