Azerbaijani SİHA Operators Graduated

Azerbaijani siha operators graduated
Azerbaijani siha operators graduated

2 soldiers of the Azerbaijan Air Force, who were given Bayraktar TB77 SİHA Operator training by Baykar, successfully completed their training. Azerbaijani soldiers, who will serve as SİHA pilot, duty commander, payload operator and technician, received their certificates at the ceremony held at the Baykar Flight Training Center.

77 Azerbaijani soldiers graduated

77 Azerbaijani soldiers under the Azerbaijan Air Force Command successfully completed Bayraktar TB2 SİHA Operator training given by Baykar. At the end of the training that has been continuing for about 4 months, the certificates of the soldiers who will serve in the Azerbaijan Army as SİHA pilot, duty commander, payload operator and technician were given at the graduation ceremony.

Graduation ceremony held

Baykar General Manager Haluk Bayraktar and Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar were present at the graduation ceremony held at Baykar Flight Training Center in Keşan. The ceremony, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Turkey Khazar Ibrahim Khazar, Azerbaijani Air Forces Command Deputy Commander Brigadier General Namiq in İslamza, Azerbaijan, Turkey Military Attaché Colonel Müşfig Mammadov, Azerbaijani Air Forces Command Deputy Commander and Staff Head Colonel Elşad Panahov and Azerbaijani Air Forces Command Operations President Colonel Elchin Ahunov in joined.

"Thank you to the Baykar Family"

Najaf Necefov, the representative of the trainees who graduated at the ceremony, said that they will reflect the trainings given by Baykar to the field in the best way. Najafov thanking them for showing hot interest, Azerbaijani poet Bahtiyar Vahapzade freedom to read his poetry, emphasizing the Azerbaijan-Turkey friendship between the two countries.

"Karabakh was a wound in us, today we have a great relief in our hearts"

Speaking at the ceremony, Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar emphasized the brotherhood of the people of the two countries. Stating that the main architect of victory was the martyrs who lost their lives at the front, Selçuk Bayraktar said, “The Karabakh issue has been a wound in us since our youth. Thank God, our SİHAs, which have national technology, which belong to our nation, have achieved a great success thanks to you and succeeded in making a world war history ”. Selçuk Bayraktar spoke at the ceremony as follows: “During our youth years, we experienced the bitterness of not being able to support this case. Today, we have the feeling that we have paid our debt with the gift of Allah and we have a great relief in our hearts. Thank God we saw these days. Turkish armies changed the war history by blending high technology with the spirit of martyrdom. I hope you will raise this spirit much higher. "

"We are brothers who dream of a common future under the same crescent"

Addressing the graduates Baykan General Manager Haluk Bayraktar, Turkey and Azerbaijan is not an ordinary two neighbors, a common future under the same crescent stressed that the dream of our brothers. Bayraktar expressed that they are honored for the services that SİHAs, which were developed nationally and originally by Baykar, in ending the Armenian occupation against Karabakh. Indicating that the Azerbaijani Army's tactical struggle in Karabakh caused the world armies to question the war doctrines, Haluk Bayraktar said, “Now it is not the one who has a large number of tanks, artillery batteries or air defense systems in the battlefield, but the one who develops high technology and uses it effectively is the winner. we have seen it personally. " said. Congratulating the trainees, Bayraktar said, “Continue to protect our Can Azerbaijan by flying freely in your skies with your armaments belonging to your essence. Never again let the bad hand touch this beautiful land, ”he finished.

"We met with Turkey's outpouring of love all over"

Speaking at the ceremony, he said that they touched the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Turkey, the Caspian Khazar Ibrahim if they have the support from all corners of Turkey during operations held in Karabakh and outpouring of love. Ambassador Khazar stated that he grew up with the pain of the invasion of Karabakh like every Azerbaijani since his childhood, and this is why he chose to be a diplomat. Thanks to the Baykar family, Khazar stated that in 1918 Baku was liberated from the occupation by the struggle of the brothers who came together from Anatolia and Azerbaijan. Khazar, said Azerbaijani sent to Turkey during the War of Independence to support women's gold earrings in the ear.

"10 year old girl sent her earring for support"

Ambassador Khazar stated that they received support from many places and said: “One of our brothers from Kahramanmaraş took off his wedding ring and sent it. A 10-year-old daughter from Antalya sent us a letter to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to deliver her. Our daughter, who said 'Azerbaijan is our dear' in her letter, said, 'when I was born, my grandfather gave me two gold earrings. I am sending one of these earrings to support Azerbaijan. Sorry, I lost the other. ' The gold earrings that our mothers and sisters sent 100 years ago have now returned to Azerbaijan. That's it, that Turkey and Azerbaijan are one nation shows what the two states. "

28 years of occupation ended in 44 days

Azerbaijan launched a military operation on 28 September 27 against Nagorno-Karabakh, which has been occupied by Armenia for nearly 2020 years. On November 44, 10, 2020 days after the start of the operation, the Azerbaijani Army took control of Nagorno-Karabakh by ending the occupation of Armenia. During the operation against Armenia, Azerbaijan used Bayraktar TB2 UAVs (Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which was developed nationally and indigenously by Baykar, on the entire front line. According to the studies confirmed by defense analysts, many air defense systems, radar systems, tanks, armored vehicles, trucks, arsenals, positions and units belonging to the Armenian Army were destroyed with Bayraktar TB2 SİHAs. This success of Azerbaijan's Army, which astonished the world, was interpreted by the world media and defense experts as changing the war history of Turkish SİHAs and reaching a point guard power.

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