Annual Loan Usage Rate Increased by 33 Percent in Istanbul

Annual loan usage rate increased in Istanbul%
Annual loan usage rate increased in Istanbul%

By the end of 2020, annual loan usage in Istanbul is 33 percent; personal credit card spending, 20 percent; NPL increased by 10 percent. Savings deposits increased by 28 percent and gold deposits by 106 percent. Consumer loans increased by 49 percent annually, while the sector with the highest loan was construction.

The Istanbul Statistics Office, operating under the IMM Istanbul Planning Agency, published the February 2021 Financial Markets Istanbul Economy Bulletin, which evaluates the financial markets of Istanbul. The values ​​for the end of 2020 are reflected in the figures as follows.

Credit card spending increased by 20 percent annually

33 per cent of total retail credit card spending in Turkey was held in Istanbul. Individual credit card spending, year, 20 percent in Istanbul, in Turkey increased by 23 percent.

33 percent increase in loan usage

Credit utilization rose 33 percent annually, and non-performing loans rose 10 percent. The ratio of NPL to cash loans decreased to 4.8 percent. Cash loans per capita increased by 30 percent annually to 90 TL. In Turkey, 322 percent annual use of credits, while NPLs remained at the same level.

Gold deposits in banks increased to 186 tons

By the end of the year, savings deposits, which were 2019 billion TL in 615, increased by 2020 percent in 28 and exceeded 787 billion TL. The share of foreign currency deposits in total deposits was 59 percent. The ratio of total cash loans to savings deposits reached 187 percent. The amount of savings deposits per person increased by 24 percent to 50 TL. The value of gold deposits held in banks increased from 713 tons to 90 tons in one year.

Consumer loans increased by 49 percent annually

Consumer loans are 49 percent annually; vehicle loans increased by 69 percent and housing loans increased by 38 percent. In Turkey, 48 percent consumer loans, 67 percent of vehicle loans, housing loans showed a 40 percent increase.

Credit growth in textile, 38 percent annually

The sector with the most loans was construction. The highest proportional increase was 38 percent in textile and textile products and 37.5 percent in financial institutions. Sectoral loans under follow-up rose 79 percent in maritime and 35 percent in construction annually; 9.3 percent in financial institutions, and 7.5 percent in textile and textile products.

Bulletin of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) and the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) was created by compiling the data.

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