Animated Response from IMM to Kanal Istanbul Project

Game animated reaction to ibbden channel istanbul project
Game animated reaction to ibbden channel istanbul project

IMM SözcüSü Murat Ongun shared an animation prepared in the form of a game that explains the damages that may occur in the event of the construction of Kanal Istanbul on his social media account and said, "Only games will return mistakes".

The game with the map of Istanbul, "should a project be done?" starts with the question. Whenever the 'do' option is selected, there are warnings that 'agricultural areas are disappearing, unemployment is increasing, water resources are disappearing, the natural balance is deteriorating, the population is increasing.

Despite all the warnings, when the Kanal Istanbul project is completed, the game will return from mistakes with the text 'Game Over'. What about in real life? Either the channel or Istanbul ”expressions come to an end.

IMM SözcüSü Ongun shared the animation in the form of a game with the words "Only mistakes can return in games.


AKP Chairman and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who attended the AKP Istanbul Provincial Congress on February 24, said, "They are trying to prevent the Channel Istanbul Project, all technical work within the scope of the study of our Kanal Istanbul project has been completed. we are starting. Despite them, we will build Kanal Istanbul, we will do it out of spite. How Istanbul will be beautiful with Kanal Istanbul, how another city will it be, they will see this too ”he said.

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