47 Million Investment for 12 Kilometers Road Network in Kaynarca

Million investment for kilometers of road network in boiling
Million investment for kilometers of road network in boiling

Kaynarca Mayor Murat Kefli thanked Mayor Ekrem Yüce for his services. Yüce said, “We serve as Metropolitan Municipality from north to south, east to west of our city. With an investment of 11 million 896 thousand liras, we have combined 47 kilometers of routes with asphalt. We will continue to act with the understanding of 'The Metropolitan is Everywhere' and to work for our city ”.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce hosted Kaynarca Mayor Murat Kefli in his office. Kefli, who presented flowers to Mayor Yüce for the works that changed the face of the district, thanked him for the services. Expressing that they have acted with the slogan 'Metropolitan is Everywhere' since the day they took office, Mayor Yüce stated that the acceleration of development will continue with all districts of Sakarya.

Thanking the President Yüce for service from Kaynarca

Stating that the development momentum of Kaynarca gained speed with the services of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Kefli said, “Our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce has continued his services to Kaynarca without interruption since the first day he took office. It has always been with us. I thank him very much on behalf of the people of Kaynarca. May my Lord facilitate all your work, ”he said.

'The Metropolitan Is Everywhere'

Emphasizing that they act with an understanding that embraces the whole of Sakarya, Mayor Yüce said, “We serve as the Metropolitan Municipality from the north to the south and from the east to the west of our city. During this period, I closely followed every project we initiated by examining the on-going works on site. We take our steps determinedly in line with the needs. We brought the region together with medicinal and aromatic plants within the scope of the 70 thousand decare Melen Transmission Line project, which is also within the borders of Kaynarca and has a length of 4 kilometers. I hope we will contribute to the social life of the region with the bicycle and walking paths we aim to implement in a short time ”.

47 kilometers 12 million

Stating that they have restored the roads with asphalt costing 22 million 11 thousand TL in 896 months in order for the district to have a modern appearance, Mayor Yüce said, “In Kaynarca, we renewed 49 kilometers with 607 thousand 47 tons of asphalt in line with the need. At the same time, we completed the 5-meter V channel project in a short time and offered it to our citizens. We will increase the bee products produced in the region above the standards with the KAP 887 (apiculture with 54 participation) project, which will contribute to employment in the region. We continued our solid infrastructure works, which are indispensable for a modern city, without interruption. Within the scope of the drinking water network renewal works that we have implemented in almost all of our city, we are bringing the region with our clean drinking water uninterruptedly with 54 thousand 218 meters of infrastructure works in Kaynarca. "

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