19 Critical Rules to Protect Children with Cancer from Covid-6

The critical rule that protects children with cancer from covid
The critical rule that protects children with cancer from covid

For a year now, we have been trying to overcome the Covid-19 virus, which fundamentally changes our daily living habits, the way we work and our social relationships.

Although a significant gain has been achieved against the pandemic with vaccination studies, it is still the most important method of protection, especially for risky groups. Drawing attention to the fact that children undergoing cancer treatment may be more vulnerable to the virus due to their weak immune systems. Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Pediatric Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Funda Corapcioglu“Not only these little heroes, but also the family members who care for them, must protect themselves so that cancer treatment does not fail. For this reason, they should not neglect to wear masks at home, in the hospital and everywhere ”.

These rules are familiar to masked heroes

In the last year, the new normal of the whole world has been shaped on the trio of "mask, distance and hygiene". These 3 important items are very familiar, especially for children receiving cancer treatment. Explaining that children with cancer started to live in a mask from the first moment of chemotherapy treatment, Prof. Dr. Funda Çorapcıoğlu says, “Our children, who are themselves tiny and gigantic struggles, which we call 'masked heroes', are already following the rules of cleaning as well as keeping distance from their peers and the crowd. Although there is an expectation of a decrease in Covid-19 anxiety thanks to vaccination, it is still a major threat for children with cancer to encounter this virus. Stating that chemotherapy treatment reduces blood values ​​in children and weakens the immune system, Prof. Dr. Funda Çorapcıoğlu continues as follows: “It is known that children survive the Covid-19 infection more easily. However, there were still children who were treated in intensive care due to this virus. This is a greater risk for children receiving cancer treatment. "Children who are treated for cancer due to their weak immune systems may have a very high risk of getting Covid-19 infection more severely," he says.

19 critical rules that protect from Covid-6! 

In case of transmission of Covid-19 virus, oncological treatment is also suspended. This causes a significant disruption in treatment. Stating that not only the child but also the relatives who care for him should protect themselves from this risk of infection, Prof. Dr. Funda Çorapcıoğlu said, “If the Covid-19 test is positive in the vicinity of the patient, the child is immediately monitored. Testing is done and clinical findings are followed. This process means at least 15 days of disruption in treatment. That's why we want every member of the family to be careful, ”he says. Pediatric Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Funda Çorapcıoğlu summarizes the rules to be followed during the pandemic period as follows:

  • Never disrupt the use of masks. In the hospital and at home, your child also wear a mask.
  • For your child's health, protect him from all contact. Do not accept any visitors, including friends, into your home.
  • Family members who go out and work should definitely change their clothes, take a bath, and clean their hands with disinfectant when they come home. When he needs to meet with your child who is still being treated, he should be careful about talking with a mask and paying attention to the distance.
  • Do all the maintenance and cleaning procedures recommended by your doctor during the chemotherapy process without delay. Pay attention to your child's oral health and hygiene.
  • During chemotherapy treatment, follow the diet recommended by your doctor regularly. Never use drugs, vitamins or herbal products that strengthen the immune system without asking your doctor.
  • Contact your doctor immediately by paying attention to the slightest complaint or complaint about your child's health.

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