187 Million Cyber ​​Attacks on Healthcare Companies Per Month

Our covid health hackers steal our information
Our covid health hackers steal our information

Studies report that in 2020, healthcare companies were attacked by 187 million web applications per month. Stating that almost half of the attacks were caused by ransomware, Komtera Technology Channel Sales Director Gürsel Tursun warns that security measures should be prioritized, otherwise high expenses will be encountered.

Health companies that prioritize digital transformation in order to adapt to Covid-19 and continue their activities are faced with various attacks by hackers who take advantage of this situation. So much so that, last year, health institutions were exposed to 187 million web attacks per month, while ransomware attacks accounted for 46% of these attacks. Comtera Technology Channel Sales Director Gürsel Tursun, who pointed out that cyber attacks targeting the health sector may cause companies to lose more money as health institutions shift their focus to Covid-19 patients, states that cyber expenditures in the sector can increase to 2020 billion dollars between 2025 and 125.

187 Million Web Application Attacks Per Month

While the first visit of hackers in the health sector is with web application attacks, 46% of all data breaches in the sector are ransomware attacks. According to a recent report published, it is seen that an average of 187 million web application attacks occurred in the health sector every month last year. Stating that vulnerability management has a central role in modern cyber security strategies, Gürsel Tursun said that unaddressed security vulnerabilities in the health sector expose sensitive data and critical business systems, and that they are safe for cyber attackers. kazanHe says it represents three opportunities.

Most Preferred RYUK Attack Type

Ryuk is seen as the most common type of ransomware used in cyber attacks. First discovered in 2018, Ryuk is more common in the healthcare industry, where many hackers believe they are more likely to meet ransom demands. Stating that the attacks on hospitals and health institutions using the Ryuk variant are specially designed, Gürsel Tursun emphasizes that both organizations and individuals should maintain cyber measures to protect themselves against Covid-related online crimes.

The Year 2021 Will Be The Year Of The Cyber ​​Attack

Healthcare organizations supporting remote work and focusing on dealing with the increase in Covid patients cause less time to spend on cyber attacks, providing a unique opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of the pandemic by attacking reckless healthcare institutions. Stating that there was a 2021% increase in data leaks in the first month of 43 and that companies may encounter bad surprises this year, Komtera Technology Channel Sales Director Gürsel Tursun stated that health companies may face difficulties such as IoT insecurity and Covid-19-related phishing attacks, He points out that cyber security expenditures in the health sector will increase to 125 billion dollars in the coming years.

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