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onde investing in digital
onde investing in digital

Digital transformation, that is, the dehumanization of business and processes, is challenging the flow of time by accelerating its speed and transforming into larger formations in the 21st century. History shows us that it was a 150-year development to increase productivity with the introduction of mechanical systems as a result of industrialization hundreds of years ago. However, this development accelerated exponentially with the pandemic process. Organizing an online meeting titled “Business Process Management in Digital Transformation” EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association discussed the details of this process with E-Çözüm firm.

Making the opening speech of the meeting EGİAD Deputy Chairman Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer stated that the transition to the future working model expected in the next 5-10 years has accelerated for an average of five years thanks to the use of IT sector products and solutions against the epidemic, and said, “Technologies that allow basic activities to be carried out remotely have made the transition to the digital economy much faster. During this period, companies that made digital transformation investments beforehand and implemented them in their processes had the opportunity to adapt their activities more easily. Those who did not make these investments highlighted their digitalization investments in their agendas. When the coronavirus process is over, undoubtedly, none of us will be able to continue where we left off. At this point, the world political, economic and social life balances are changing; It would not be wrong to say that a period in which the digital age has begun and the efforts towards sustainability gain momentum are waiting for us. In this process, it was observed that companies that invested earlier in digital transformation have diverged. In recent years, when e-commerce and digitalization have become widespread, we can say that the investments made by sectors and companies that have made early investments in these areas and have competent human resources and original experience have been rewarded. With the pandemic, the digitalization process accelerated and companies put their late investments back on the table. "Just as countries and companies that used technology well during the epidemic were able to keep the damage to the minimum, countries and companies that use technology well in the post-epidemic period will be more advantageous."

E-Solution company owner Erhan Aslan stated that digital transformation has been on the agenda of the business world for years and said, “Digital infrastructures that offer process management, measurability and the opportunity to work based on mobile technologies have shown that they are much more critical than they were in the past, especially during the pandemic period. Business Process Management Software (BPM), one of the most important parts of digital transformation; It has taken its place on the agenda as the main topic of the informatics world during the pandemic period, as it enables workflows to be maintained without coming together in the physical environment. The realization of a business process is possible with the continuous operation of the relevant process from end to end. With a very simple definition, Business Process Management solutions meet this need. E-Çözüm Bilişim is a partner of Netology firm's e-Flow product to its corporate customers of all sizes during the pandemic period; By offering a BPM solution integrated with all existing ERP, MRP, CRM, DMS structures, it meets the needs of working, monitoring and measuring business processes without disruption, regardless of the physical location of the employees. In summary, e-Flow brings a solution to the basic need of all businesses in this process of producing "Uninterrupted Workforce". These solutions can be implemented at a very high speed after a short business analysis. The reason for this is simple; no code is written for the required application. "Thanks to this opportunity, which shortens the commissioning process by 1/10, businesses can find solutions that will increase their productivity within days without going through long and difficult software development processes."

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