Fertilizer Support to the Producer Collecting Agricultural Packaging Waste

Germ support to the producer that collects agricultural packaging waste
Germ support to the producer that collects agricultural packaging waste

The agricultural packaging waste collection project initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Menderes Değirmendere to encourage agricultural production in harmony with nature continues. With the project in which nearly two tons of agricultural packaging waste is recycled to the economy, the producers have also been smiling. Organic worm manure was distributed to the producers from Değirmendereli, who were involved in the project, in return for the waste they accumulated.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerThe project, which was implemented in line with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible", and which allows the collection of agricultural packaging wastes, which harm public and environmental health, with special techniques, continues. With the project started in Menderes Değirmendere Village, nearly two tons of agricultural packaging waste was included in the recycling process in three months and brought into the economy. One liter of organic liquid vermicompost was distributed to 71 producers in Değirmendere, which collected their packaging wastes in special bags distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality, in exchange for each bag, which would ensure a better quality and productivity in their lands.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Brigade and Yıldız Devran, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Fatma Ekicioğlu, İzmir Village-Coop Association President Neptün Soyer, Menderes Deputy Mayor Mustafa Akın, Menderes Mayor Mustafa Kayalar ' Aslı Kayalar, Değirmendere Agricultural Development Cooperative President Aykut Dikmen, Değirmendere Village Headman Hüseyin İsar and producers.

"With triple washing, it stops being hazardous waste"

Speaking at the distribution ceremony, İzmir Metropolitan Deputy Secretary General Yıldız Devran reminded that they started the project on September 25th and said, “This project was developed for the separate collection of packaging waste of pesticides used in agriculture. The importance of the project is due to its environmental and economic benefits. Packages containing pesticides are considered as hazardous waste. However, when the technique called triple washing is used, as accepted by international standards, it is turned into normal packaging waste. When it becomes packaging waste, it is recycled into the economy and turned into raw material with the engagement of licensed waste collectors. We have collected nearly two tons of waste since the day we started the project. Therefore, two tons of waste were removed from being hazardous and recycled to the economy as packaging waste ”. Reminding that organic fertilizers are distributed to encourage producers who collect agricultural packaging wastes in special bags distributed by Büyükşehir, Devran thanked all the producers who supported the project.

"We will continue fertilizer support"

Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Ertuğrul Tugay emphasized that the project has many benefits and said, “First of all, we will prevent the damage of agricultural packaging waste to our soil. We are within the boundaries of the Tahtalı Dam basin, which meets 30 percent of İzmir's drinking water need. It is also important that these wastes are collected in this basin. Another value is to bring these wastes to the economy. The organic fertilizers we distribute to the producers meet with the plant and the soil, meaning that we protect our air, water and soil. The project will continue. "We will be here as long as our producers collect the waste and we will continue fertilizer support."

Aykut Dikmen, President of Menderes Değirmendere Agricultural Development Cooperative, thanked İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for starting the project in Değirmendere. Mahmut Özdemir, one of the producers in Değirmendereli, who was entitled to worm fertilizer support, said that they were very satisfied with the project and said, “Previously, we used to throw away agricultural packaging waste or give it to scrapers. But thanks to this project, we both protect nature and receive organic fertilizer support ”. Ahmet Kuşçu, Mehmet Yüce and Harun Çalıkkılıç, who are among the producers, emphasized the importance of agriculture in harmony with nature and expressed their satisfaction with the continuation of the project that protects the soil and makes agricultural production sustainable.

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