Turkey's Domestic Car Exit Points

domestic car flash description
domestic car flash description

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Chairman İbrahim Burkay attended the “New Balance Target in Foreign Trade” panel held within the scope of the Capital 500 Summit as a speaker. President Burkay, Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) the transition to new generation will be the most important sector of the country, he said converter.

Speaking at the Capital500 summit organized online, İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of BTSO, said that the coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world, deeply affected both social and economic life. Stating that Bursa has exported nearly 13 billion dollars in a difficult period, Mayor Burkay said, “Bursa has achieved a serious recovery in industry and exports since July. Our city, which has a foreign trade volume of 26 billion dollars, is a global city integrated with the world. As the business world, we are hopeful for 2021. I believe that we will enter a rapid recovery period as soon as the impact of the pandemic decreases and treatment methods become clear. " he spoke.


Stating that the global economy has undergone a radical transformation process with the effects of trade wars between countries, protectionism policies and pandemic process, Chairman Burkay said, “New power balances are being established in the world economies. In this context; Free trade agreements covering 15 percent of the global economy in 30 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the US-Canada-Mexico trade agreement of $ 25 trillion, the investment agreement with China and the European Union are of great importance in terms of global balances. The world has a rapid transition towards protectionism. " said.


Underlining that regional cooperation has come to the fore in the new era in global economies, President Burkay said: “Protectionism seriously shapes the foreign trade of countries. The new era reveals much more different business models. We have regional advantages. As a country, we need to increase our cooperation with our nearby geography. The most foreign trade of developed countries is with their neighboring countries. To revise the customs agreement with the EU again, the Turkish republics to redesign our relations with Russia and the Middle East, Turkey will be one of the biggest advantages. "


Pointing out the importance of determining trends in addition to R&D, innovation and design titles, President Burkay said, “We are transitioning from the old economy order to the new economy. We have very different product groups and sectors. We need new leverage in this transition. We cannot describe the new economy with the structures we established 30 years ago. We must create our new players with new institutions and instruments. We really have serious potential in every sector. This potential will be revealed when Turkey steps have been taken, we can really realize the leap that we expect both to be separated for a long time as well. " He used his expressions.


Chairman Burkay said that in addition to the moves that increase the innovation, design and brand with high kilograms, local players who give that spirit play an important role in the development of economies. Will compete in the global league emphasized that they had to increase the number of companies Burkay, "There are 1.5 million companies in Turkey. 80 thousand of them are exporters. We must definitely direct our companies to foreign trade. As BTSO, we attach great importance to this issue and implement projects. We should introduce new exporters in our regions with high production power. " said.


Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) Turkey is the world's largest economy as the top technology with the voicing bring their car into a power generating President Burkay, "Turkey wants to go out again on the world stage. Here, we started domestic cars in a range that offers great opportunities in technology change. Currently, factory construction work continues very quickly. Bursa advanced manufacturing infrastructure as the business world and transforming our strength in high-tech industries as well as in our national automobile production in Turkey, we believe we feel the best way. I see tOGGer as a starting point for Turkey. " He spoke in the form.


Stating that new technologies will also develop the sub-industry sectors of Bursa, President Burkay said, “Automotive is a field that pioneers the development of different sectors. It has an infrastructure that supports different disciplines such as rail systems, defense, space and aviation. TOGG in Turkey, in particular in the transition to next-generation sector will be the most important area of ​​the converter. Business confidence they need in our world, the pride of being to perform the national car project and the excitement of Mr. our President, who had us, government, us, Turkey's Cars Initiative Group and TOBB President Mr. Rifat I offer our Hisarcıklıoğlu gratitude. " said.

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