What is the Secret to Good Sleep? What to Do for a Good Sleep?

what is the secret of a good sleep what to do for a good sleep
what is the secret of a good sleep what to do for a good sleep

Sleep is one of the sine qua non for a healthy life. Saying that sleep is more than a simple resting process, Uzm, one of DoktorTakvimi.com experts. Psk. Aylin Cengiz Akpınarlı talked about the curiosity about sleep.

Sleep covering a third of our lives; It is a process that has important effects on both our mental and physical health, is necessary for us to live in a normal and healthy way, and the brain is active but closed to external stimuli. It is not possible to give a clear definition of sleep; Uzm, one of the experts of DoktorTakvimi.com, stated that uncertainties about sleep are still continuing and many studies have been done on this subject. Psk. Aylin Cengiz Akpınarlı said, “Sleep is not a simple process of rest and silence. It has a complex and mysterious nature, ”he says. Explaining that sleep has functions such as regeneration and growth of the body, preservation of metabolic energy, protection of intellectual performance, neuronal maturation (REM), learning and memory (REM), Uzm. Psk. Akpınarlı states that the brain is active while asleep, it enters a neurophysiological regeneration and repair process, it includes the processes of storing what has been learned and preparation for wakefulness. Drawing attention to the importance of sleep in regeneration of the body and proper functioning of hormones, Uzm. Psk. Akpınarlı says that many studies have proven that sleep is very critical for recording memory.

A normal sleep consists of 4-5 cycles

Exp. Psk. Aylin Cengiz Akpınarlı states that sleep basically consists of two stages: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and Non-REM (Non Rapid Eye Movement). Explaining that there are 4-5 cycles between REM and NonREM in a natural sleep, Uzm. Psk. Akpınarlı continues his words as follows: “During the REM process, brain activities and EEG are as in wakefulness, muscle tone decreases and the physical state is in the most sedentary mode. The most important feature of REM sleep is rapid eye movements, and dreams are also seen in this process. Pulse, breathing may be irregular and increased, and there may be irregular muscle movements. In NonREM sleep, brain activities and metabolic rate are low. Sympathetic activities, heart rate decreases. On the other hand, parasympathetic activity increases. The REM period is one-fifth of total sleep. In a normal sleep, the first REM occurs after 90-120 minutes on average. The sleep cycle and content in humans varies according to age. "

Sleep disorders should be examined in detail

Stating that sleep is a very complex process and many problems such as insomnia, excessive sleep disorder (narcolepsy), breathing-related sleep disorders, circadian rhythm sleep-wakefulness disorders, parasomnias, substance or drug-related sleep disorders, Uzm from DoktorTakvimi.com said. Psk. Aylin Cengiz Akpınarlı underlines that sleep disorders should be examined in detail. Exp. Psk. In the examination performed in people with sleep disorders, Akpınarlı includes subjects such as transition to sleep (diving), sleep events (dream, teeth grinding, etc.), waking up (early, late, waking up), as well as age, medications used, sleep habits / hygiene, other disease findings suggest that processes such as the sleep lab should be examined if necessary.

What to do for a good sleep?

Exp. Psk. Akpınarlı lists the things to be considered for a healthy and natural sleep process as follows:

  • Sleep discipline is important. Accordingly, having routines such as a warm bath that calms you before sleep and your bedtime and awakening times are harmonious / stable and sleep quality will improve.
  • When adults take long naps during the day, apart from sleeping at night, disrupts their sleep routine. For this reason, do not sleep for more than 1 hour.
  • Associate your bed with sleep. Do not do activities such as eating, entertainment and television in your bed, except for sleeping activities.
  • Do not consume stimuli such as caffeine, alcohol before sleep and food during the hours close to sleep. You can consume drinks that will relax you.
  • Do not force yourself to go to bed before you get sleepy.
  • Your bedroom should be a quiet place that makes you feel safe. Having stimulating items or odors in your bedroom will impair sleep quality. In addition, make sure your bedroom is a dark room or not too light.
  • Getting sunlight during the day, getting enough oxygen and regular exercise improve the quality of night sleep.

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