This is how the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar will rise

want historical kemeralti cars will stand up like this
want historical kemeralti cars will stand up like this

Kemeraltı, which is among the priority projects of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, is being renewed with an investment of approximately 200 million lira. When the work carried out by the Metropolitan in Kemeraltı, the heart of the Izmir Historical City Center, which is set to become a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, the water floods in excessive rainfall will end, and the lighting and street arrangement projects will have a look worthy of the history of the bazaar.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement the projects it has prepared to carry Kemeraltı Bazaar, one of the historical values ​​of the city, to the future. Metropolitan, which has made an investment of approximately 200 million TL in order to prevent floods in the Kemeraltı region and to strengthen the infrastructure of the region, is preparing to reveal the historical texture and original structure of the region, from street improvement projects to green area designs.

The historical axis comes alive

Stating that they will make the line stretching from Konak Pier to Kemeraltı, and from there to Agora and Kadifekale, suitable for its historical texture, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “We see the historical city center of Kemeraltı as a lever. We are renewing the historical bazaar from the ground to the lighting. When the works are completed, Kemeraltı and its surroundings will take on the identity of a 24-hour active city center where everyone lives with a sense of trust and belonging.” Soyer said that the renovation works on Havra Street, 848 Street, Azizler Street are also continuing at full speed, “The historical axis will stretch from the Synagogue to the Agora. There is an amphitheater with the same capacity as Ephesus in the immediate vicinity of the Agora. We planned to finish the excavations here in 2023. Another great ancient theater similar to the one in Ephesus, Izmir kazanwill ache. When this route from Kadifekale to Konak Pier is revealed in a way worthy of its history, İzmir will also rise to its feet.”

Will be the heart of Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer reminded his promise that "We will restore Kemeraltı from start to finish and make it a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage" during the nomination process in the 2019 Local Elections, and said: He was accepted into the Temporary List. We will evaluate the coming period very well to enter the permanent list. All of our investments and efforts are in this direction. Together with our institutions that support this process, we will move Kemeraltı to its deserved place. With its UNESCO World Heritage status, Kemeraltı will be the locomotive of urban tourism, the heart of Izmir ”.

Here are the projects of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality that will carry Kemeraltı to the future:

Site delivery of the giant tender was made, work is starting

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is starting a large-scale infrastructure investment that will end the floods in Kemeraltı. While the infrastructure on 55 hectares will be improved, the superstructure and lighting works will make it look worthy of the history of Kemeraltı. The works that will start in the coming days and will be carried out by the General Directorate of İZBETON will cost 153,7 million lira. Within the scope of the renovation works, two thousand 500 meters of common service channel, 27 thousand meters of drinking water line, 20 thousand meters of sewage line, 10 thousand meters of rainwater line, 18 thousand meters of lighting, energy and communication lines will be built. Granite will be laid on 120 thousand square meters of ground, and basalt flooring will be made on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters. Thanks to a smart lighting system that emphasizes the historical texture and is based on energy efficiency, 50 percent of energy will be saved, and the dark problem of the historical bazaar will be eliminated. Malfunctions can be viewed instantly from a single center and the problem can be resolved in a short time. In Anafartalar Street, a top cover will be made to perceive the architectural and historical texture. Hisarönü, Ali Paşa and Çınaraltı Square, Salepçioğlu Park, Şadırvanaltı, Chestnut Bazaar, Başdurak and Kemeraltı Mosque squares will be reconsidered and new green areas will be arranged. Field-wide studies will be completed within three years.

Solution to floods in Kemeraltı with the "bracing method"

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is also continuing an important investment that will ensure that the rain water, which comes from the İkçeşmelik and high parts and causes the raids in Kemeraltı, is collected at the pumping center and discharged to the sea. Within the scope of the works carried out with the "bonding method", the installation of 90 rainwater pipes of 72 centimeters in diameter and 7 meters in length between the pumping center and the sea on Atatürk Street has reached the final stage. Within the scope of Kemeraltı Bracing Infrastructure Project, a rainwater and sewer line will be installed in Eşrefpaşa Street, Gazi Boulevard, Gaziosmanpaşa Boulevard and Çankaya region. Rain water grids will be built on Şehit Fethi Bey Avenue. The drinking water line between the Clock Tower and Fevzipaşa Boulevard will be renewed. With the renewal of drinking water and wastewater lines in Gazi Boulevard, Fevzipaşa Boulevard, Eşrefpaşa Street, the existing infrastructure in the region will be strengthened. The work, which will cost 21,7 million lira in total, is expected to be completed in 7 months.

In Havra Street, the infrastructure is complete

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its renovation works on Havra Street, one of the most important areas of the city with its historical texture and unique structure. In the 136 meter long street, rainwater and waste water lines were separated and floods were prevented. Drinking water, energy, communication, lighting lines and floor coverings were renewed. On the street where there are 67 shops, top cover works continue. Product sales stands, signs and street lighting will be renewed. Thus, one of the most important areas of the city, with its historical texture and unique structure, will be raised.

Facade improvement started in 848 Street

Metropolitan completed the infrastructure works in the street improvement application that it started in 848 Street, also known as Second Beyler. Renewed electricity, communication, waste water and rainwater lines on the street. Metropolitan started facade improvement works after the infrastructure in the street, where there are 13 buildings, 13 registered and 26 unregistered, bearing the physical traces of the change Kemeraltı has undergone in the historical process, and the floor covering and lighting elements will be renewed in the next stage. The project is aimed to create a model for the infrastructure and superstructure renewal applications planned to be made in the entire historical Kemeraltı Bazaar.

A modern touch to Saints' Street

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is trying to bring a new breath to the historical bazaar and its surroundings with the restoration projects it has carried out in Kemeraltı, started the arrangement works on 920 Street, known as Azizler Street. Within the scope of the project, 920 square meters of the street at the intersection of 257 Street and Eşrefpaşa Street will be arranged as a park in harmony with the historical texture. When the works are completed, the pedestrian passage will be provided from Eşrefpaşa Street to Kemeraltı Bazaar, while the effect of 920 Street will increase in access to the Havralar District, one of the most vibrant parts of Kemeraltı. In order to preserve the vitality in the region, the places with high elevation differences will be staggered and used as resting and transition areas, and the existing retaining wall will be removed. The work will be completed in February. The Metropolitan invests approximately 200 million lira for all these works.

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