Visa Exemption in Transportation in Bursa Has Been Extended to 31 March

Visa Exemption in Transportation in Bursa Has Been Extended
Visa Exemption in Transportation in Bursa Has Been Extended

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality extended the visa exemption application, which was initiated on May 65, in order to prevent the disabled and citizens over the age of 31 from having a problem in public transportation during the pandemic process, until 31 March. Thus, the disabled, disabled companions and citizens over the age of 65, whose visas are automatically made free of charge, will continue to benefit from transportation without any problems.

Corona virus cases for the first time since March last year deemed necessary disinfection work both in the field circuit of social support programs for all segments of the negatively affected society from the process until the artisans of the citizens of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, has added a new one to affirmative action efforts for the disabled. While the disabled and accompanying citizens of the disabled had difficulties in obtaining the doctor's reports required for visa procedures for their public transportation cards from hospitals due to the pandemic, the Metropolitan Municipality introduced a visa exemption for these citizens on May 31 last year. Initially, the application, which was until June 30, was extended first until January and now until March 31, as the effects of the pandemic continued. Citizens over the age of 65, who have a time limit on going out, also benefit from the same application.

Burulaş renewed the visas of a total of 74 thousand disabled and disabled attendants and 210 thousand and 65+ citizens' visas free of charge until 31 March. In this way, disabled citizens and citizens over 65 years old who had difficulties in obtaining reports were provided with the opportunity to easily benefit from public transportation.

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