Vinegar for a Healthy Intestinal Flora!

vinegar for a healthy intestinal flora
vinegar for a healthy intestinal flora

Energy Medicine Specialist Emine Baran warns about the effect of intestinal health on mental and body health. Stating that we should make daily vinegar consumption a habit for healthy intestinal flora, Baran said, “Our intestines, where our emotions are processed and digested and transformed, like food, are the insurance system of our body. "A healthy gut not only provides strong immunity, but also determines who we are."

The place where the hormone serotonin is most secreted in the body is our intestines. In a sense, while healthy and well-functioning intestines are a source of happiness, a dysfunctional gut can lead to a depressed mood. The fight between good and evil within us is shaped by the way we feed the good or malignant bacteria in our gut.

Processed food industrial products preservatives, gluten acting as glue, excessive sugar disrupts the intestinal structure, feeds bad bacteria. Natural diet, plenty of water and fermented foods such as miraculous vinegar will feed the good bacteria in our intestines.

The miracle of vinegar, which was used as an antiseptic in wars, food in famines, beauty element of the nobility and medicine composition by physicians, has also diversified today. Artichoke With the benefits known from the past to the present, artichoke vinegar is very effective in liver, gilaburu vinegar, bile and bile duct, vinegars such as blackberry rosehip, respiratory tract, tonsillitis, mouth sores, gum recessions, and hawthorn vinegar is very effective in cardiovascular diseases. Besides these, lemon has joint and muscle pains, apple and grape vinegar has effects on the nervous system and blood quality, which accelerate metabolism and support weight loss.

Emphasizing the importance of daily vinegar consumption, Baran warns that when buying vinegar, it should be made with natural methods. Baran said, “Industrial vinegars are produced in a system that provides vinegar for 24 hours and a preservative. In this case, it may cause damage rather than benefit in long use. "A real vinegar does not have an expiry date and there is no preservative in me."

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