Disguised Stress Awakens Cancer Cells

veiled stress awakens cancer cells
veiled stress awakens cancer cells

Stating that a phobia of illness emerged in the style of a phobia, Psychotherapy Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan emphasizes that the population with disease phobia is increasing and hospitals are at risk. Stating that some individuals also have implicit stress, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, “Covered stress is common in people who suppress their emotions. Constant stress suppresses the immune system because they do not allow emotional expression. "Covert stress awakens the sleeping cancer cells in the body and cancer begins in the person."

Üsküdar University Founding Rector, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan emphasized the importance of health and made important evaluations about disease phobia.

The value of health is understood when it is lost

Stating that people have started to give more importance to health recently, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, “Especially the young population used health very roughly. Humanity was using rude. At a certain age, the value of health was understood. In this respect, we forgot a skill that is one of the basic teachings of human happiness, such as appreciating the little things that people possess. It is important to be happy about small things because you know that the capital system does not care about being happy by producing because it aims to be happy by consuming. In other words, being happy by producing is preferred to being happy by consuming. This epidemic actually reminded people that they lived in the mortal world. For this, you understand the value of time when you lose your health, but it is too late. Diseases are caused by the wrong lifestyle. Issues such as food, drinking, nutrition, movement, such as life philosophy are important. "There is a group of people who are increasingly concerned about health."

The disease-phobic mass began to proliferate

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said that a phobia-style fear of illness emerged and continued his words as follows:

“This crowd also increased a lot. They are the hospitals that take the risk because of the disease phobia. Those with phobia start to go to hospitals more often in such situations. He goes there and starts to have tests and queues. This situation poses greater risks. There were also those who missed a dose of this. They tried to live by ignoring everything except hospital and health. Some of those with phobia have more than a health concern, but a disease phobia. He is worried about health in health concerns, he has tests frequently, if a place is numb, he immediately goes to the doctor, he takes many tests, but when there is no negative result, there is relief. If he thinks he feels another discomfort after a day, he will go again. Actually, this is a condition called somatization disorder. Even though the person is not sick, he has to deal with the disease excessively, but he has no fear of disease, he has an occupation. Hypochondriasis has a fear of illness and a health concern. People with a fear of illness do not mention the word illness. They run away from anything health related. Those with misophobia that is fear of germs have a disease phobia. In those fears, the opposite happens to be avoidance. "

They live by ignoring the disease

Stating that it is natural for a person to have a fear of illnesses, Tarhan said, “They may be afraid of whether tuberculosis or other diseases will be on them. There are two kinds of reactions in people with fear. In some it turns into a health concern. They often have tests done and go to many doctors. In some of them, disease phobia occurs. They try to live by ignoring the disease. Avoidance behavior emerges. Those who have a disease phobia do not go to the doctor, even if the disease progresses. Even at an advanced age, they cannot take children for analysis. He tries to relieve himself by ignoring the fear of the disease. This happens when the situation we call disease phobia occurs. Monophobia does not occur if they have no other fears, only death. The treatment of those with this style of fear is different. We look at the health expectation levels in those with health concerns. Does he understand that he has no health symptoms? Does he understand like he can't escape anywhere? If he understands like this, when a small place is itchy, when something small happens, he immediately gets alarmed. Man is an interesting being. Some people have fear in their lives. In other words, all the decisions he makes are influenced by fear. "Fears have become the values ​​of that person," he said.

They invest narcissism in their bodies

Stating that we should accept that we are not the boss of our body, Tarhan said, “A smarter system has been created in our bodies. In other words, when a microbe enters our body, that microbe cannot progress when we follow the rules of hygiene. If we cannot provide hygiene, it progresses, spreads to the lymph nodes, and if we neglect it, wounds begin to form. Physicians simply find a missing link in the treatment chain and replace it. It gives a few drugs that will immediately destroy the microbe and quickly cure it, and after that, the body does the rest itself. The Creator has created such a system that we will know our limits. Therefore, we will respect the system in our body. There are people who sit and study themselves for 60 minutes out of 59 minutes because my health is not perfect. When the worst scenarios such as how, how this is, what will happen, if I get sick, or if I die, everything is stopped now. They cannot fall asleep because of these thoughts that occupy their minds. We define these people as people who invest in narcissism in their bodies ”.

Health concerns in people should be examined

Stating that the person has health concerns, high expectation levels or avoidance behavior, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, “If he has avoidance behavior, he will not leave the house. Any health concerns should be examined. If he has a lot of mental occupation about health, then he becomes a health concern. Also, fear of the disease known as nosophobia in the literature usually accompanies it. A sub-dimension in such cases is panic disorder. Panic disorder also has a biological dimension. "If there are these, a treatment plan is made for the person and whichever is in the foreground."

Chronic stress drains fat and sugar stores into the blood

Stating that there is a region called the hypothalamus in our brain related to the regulation of our autonomic nervous system, Tarhan said, “When we get excited, our heart beats, when we are afraid there is a fight and flight tray. If there is a fight and flight reaction, the shoulder and neck muscles contract, blood pressure and vascular resistance increase. If the person has chronic stress, in such cases, the body's fat stores and sugar stores are discharged into the blood because the person constantly secretes stress hormone. In cardiology clinics, antidepressants are started immediately without question so that those who have a second heart attack do not have a new attack. Because there are poststroke depressions. After a stroke, there are depressions. It is done automatically for them after a heart attack. "This measure could not be measured before," he said.

There is a health alert mechanism in our brain

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan said, 'In fact, we determined that we manage our autonomous system with chemicals in our brains,' and continued his words as follows:

“Some of them over-secrete, some not at all. While the autonomic nervous system has to work like an orchestra, the rhythm in the orchestra is disrupted. In this case, we can measure that deteriorated area of ​​the brain. The stress level increases in the brain and the serotonin stores are emptied. We say there is a decrease in serotonin in the brain. There is a health-related alarm mechanism in our brain. Because he is broken, these people are overreacting from something small. They don't do this on purpose. Suggestions such as 'you are not sick, don't mind, be your own doctor' should not be offered to that person. This is doing them harm. A treatment that corrects brain chemistry is given to that person first. This is standard medication. If it is not enough, the second stage is passed. Magnetic stimulation therapy is being done. It is done, and also psychotherapy is required as standard each time. There is a treatment method performed by measuring brain functions. This method has evolved around the world. It has been confirmed that it can also measure attention deficit in children. We show these with biological evidence and go to treatment through it. "

They relax when they come up with a logical solution

Stating that they identify the person's thought errors in psychotherapy, Tarhan said, “We determine their concerns about health, we teach them to solve them rationally. If the person finds a logical solution, and if he cannot produce, the disease becomes chronic. So there are cases that have reached the point where they can no longer leave their home. He cannot leave the house alone, cannot be alone at home. Such behavior greatly impairs the quality of life, but they do not do it on purpose. This is a curable situation. A healthy person looks that way when you look, but these people's brains work differently. "The region in the brain that manages the autonomic nervous system is disrupted."

Implicit stress is seen in people who suppress their emotions

Noting that some people may also have implicit stress, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan concluded his words as follows:

“In covered stress, the person says I am not stressed, why should my blood pressure rise, why should my hand and foot go numb, my heart beat. When I tell these people that they are stressed, they say I have no stress. Then he thinks that the doctor does not understand him. In covered stress, the person does not know that he / she is stressed, stress is experienced by organ language. Stress contracts the vein, increases blood pressure, and contracts the shoulder, neck and back muscles. It happens a lot in people who suppress feelings of implicit stress. These people cannot express emotions because they suppress their emotions. When they are upset about something, when they get angry, they throw in them, they fight themselves. In this case, constant stress suppresses the immune system, as they do not allow the expression of emotions in the motorilazios of the brain. It awakens the sleeping cancer cells in the body and cancer begins in the person. So, they shouldn't forget this implicit stress. They should say that I have no stress and act recklessly. "

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