Important Tips for Balanced Aging from the Expert

Important tips for balanced aging from the expert
Important tips for balanced aging from the expert

Some diseases that come with old age can make a person dependent on others. Today, the number of people aged 65 and over is increasing rapidly.

Therefore, arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes, dementia, difficulty in holding urine, visual disturbances, hearing disorders, malnutrition, osteoporosis, joint calcification, cartilage damage, gait disturbances, pressure sores, sleep disorders and injuries due to frequent falls, injuries, short movement Diseases and health problems such as reduce the quality of life as well as narrowing our area of ​​freedom.

We may not completely prevent this situation, but we can reduce its negative effects. Ayşenur Kurt, academician of Istanbul Rumeli University Faculty of Sport Sciences, Department of Recreation, gave important clues for balanced aging.

We cannot stop time and aging, but we have the chance to offer ourselves the opportunity to spend the time and aging process with quality. Stating that exercise, which is one of the essential ways for us to slow down this process, can achieve many positive results, Kurt continued his words as follows: “The number of elderly individuals has started to increase rapidly in our country and in the world. It will be extremely beneficial for the elderly to exercise together, to find common issues together, to discuss, to develop common hobbies and to socialize, and to increase their desire for life by maintaining their commitment to life. ''

Make a habit of mind games

Istanbul Rumeli University Sports Sciences Faculty Recreation Department academic Ayşenur Kurt said, “Progressive brain disease that causes impairment of memory and clear thinking ability, dementia is among the most common chronic diseases associated with old age. Most individuals are also very concerned about losing their mental skills in old age, as well as concerns about the loss of physical mobility. In addition to balance, strengthening, pilates and yoga exercises, intelligence and mind games should be made into a habit in order to increase the quality of life of individuals, improve balance functions, and prevent dementia and systemic diseases. ''

The biggest problem of advanced age: Balance

Academic Ayşenur Kurt continued as follows:

'' The concept of balance must be an integral part of our body and our lives in order to cope with our health problems caused by aging. Because our body undergoes structural and functional changes with decreasing physical activity, and balance problems are seen in elderly individuals due to these changes. Falls, injuries due to falls and deaths that may occur as a result of aging are caused by balance problems. It is important to start balance exercises from an early age in order to prevent this problem. ''

Ayşenur Kurt answered the question 'What kind of balance exercises should we do in older age groups?' It should include exercises to improve the sense of position. Since each individual has a unique body structure and reserve, the exercises should be determined by expert trainers and physicians according to the age, characteristics and disease type of the individual and physiological and psychological tests should be applied before and after the exercise. ''

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