Most of Turkey's 10 TikTok Takipçil Phenomenon

Trollishly: A Smart Guide to Selling Merchandise on TikTok [XNUMX]
Trollishly: A Smart Guide to Selling Merchandise on TikTok [XNUMX]

Chinahas been produced in Hair transplant Turkey Tiktok application, which has a lot of usage in; It is an application where short, original videos are shared. There are even those who make it a profession. It is possible to earn money with the number of views. It has many followers and there are users who are phenomenal. There are people who can become a phenomenon by opening live broadcasts.

Media reports in recent days TikTok has agreed to appoint a representative to Turkey. So it will not be finalized in TikTok banned in Turkey. Esocial Mr. Ufuk, one of the managers, stated that they welcomed this development very well.

  1. Czn Burak

It has 31,3 million followers. He shared 1151 videos in total. The number of views in his videos is quite high. It has 570,4 million likes in total. Burak, who was well known before he started Tiktok, has also managed to become a phenomenon in this medium. Most of the ingredients he makes are related to meals. Apart from cooking videos, she also has many videos with famous people.

  1. nnursema

It has 12,7 million followers. It has 764 videos. She shares drawing and painting content. He gets a lot of appreciation for his drawings. It has a total of 313,9 million likes. His drawings are very creative and successful.

  1. Korayzeynep-ZINK Tv

It has 8,3 million followers. It has 207 million likes and has 1624 video posts. It is the account of a mother and father who shot videos with their two children. In addition to streaming videos, they get a lot of likes with their own content. They offer a very friendly atmosphere.

  1. Ceren Yaldiz

Ceren, one of the Tiktok phenomena, has 6,2 million followers. It has 2695 videos and its total likes are 451 million. He makes successful streaming videos. He also makes makeup videos. Apart from these, other phenomena have also been on the agenda due to the tensions he has experienced with his friends. Youtube There is also a channel.

  1. Ezgizem-Ezgi Gizem

It has 5,8 million followers. It has 3282 shares. Total likes are 280,5 million. Ezgi Gizem, who successfully made agenda trends, was previously friends with Ceren Yaldız. He also managed to become a phenomenon before Ceren.

  1. whitegolge-Orhan Çayan

It has 5,8 million followers. Orhan, who has a total of 100,8 million likes, has 392 videos shared. It makes its agenda movements very successfully. In addition, we can say that it is successful in producing different contents. He has videos with short fiction.

  1. Cemre Solmaz

It has 5,7 million followers. He shared 1926 videos. The total number of likes is 419,8 million. Its content consists of agenda trends and dance videos. She shares vlog pieces from her daily life. Apart from that, he also released a song and received quite a lot of rest.

  1. 46-Doğanay

It has 5,1 million followers. He shared 847 videos. It received 194,5 million likes in total. Doğanay, who has been successfully preparing the agenda contents, also Youtube channel.

  1. will be

It has 5,4 million followers. It has 100,4 million likes and 827 videos. She draws attention with her pink hair. Video contents consist of agenda trends. Vlog posted Youtube There is also an account.

  1. on the street-Emre Balım

It has 4,2 million followers. It has 134 videos. It has 55,3 million likes in total. It produces very interesting content. His contents on the streets are usually made by himself in a sculptural form. He usually paints his body in silver and gold and shows activity in the streets.

Ways to Become a Phenomenon in Tiktok

It has become the most used application of recent times. Many users dream of being a phenomenon.

  • First of all, you have to find an interesting name. At the same time, you should take care to make it catchy.
  • You should shoot a video with the current streams in Tiktok.
  • You should follow the most interesting content.
  • You can broadcast live.
  • You can buy Tiktok followers. To buy Tiktok followers Esosyal Tiktok packages page You can look at.
  • You can edit the videos you have taken in a different way.
  • You can benefit from the contents of people who are phenomenal.
  • You can collect followers by sharing your videos on other social media.
  • Shooting fun content can be helpful.
  • You can attract attention by making a duet.

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