With China Railway First Boron Export Start from Turkey

He started the first boron exports by rail to cin from turkiyede
He started the first boron exports by rail to cin from turkiyede

Energy and Natural Resources Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Minister joined with Adil Dönmez Karaismailoğlu as "Chinese Export Bor Mine Train Farewells Ceremony from Turkey," he said in n.

Eti Mine and cooperation with TCDD does not start, emphasizing that occurred in the first boron exports to China, excluding gold mines in Turkey's exports in 2020 decreased by 1 percent compared to the previous year was 4,27 billion dollars, he said.

Donmez, said he made a total of 190 countries on exports, the share of Turkey's total mining exports was stated that about 2,75 percent level.

Underlining that boron is one of the most important items in mining exports, Dönmez said, “Despite all kinds of negativities, we maintained our leadership in the world boron industry with 2020 million tons of sales in 1,73. We met 57 percent of global demand. Eti Maden is known as a reliable and sustainable supplier in the world in the boron industry. " used the expressions.

"Turkey has a key role in the generation and Roads"

Dönmez pointed out that the logistics infrastructure is as important as production, and that the competitive power will increase with the delivery of the produced goods to the domestic and foreign markets as soon as possible.

From Beijing until an uninterrupted trade route in the Belt and Road Project aims to create London, Turkey's key Dönmez reminiscent have a role, "Our investment in the recent years the railways this project, combining more than 40 in an area of ​​about 60 million square meters The country and the world population of 4,5 billion entered our hinterland. The strengthening of the network between London and Beijing, the further growth of the country's economies of approximately $ 25 trillion on the route open new windows of opportunity for us. found the assessment.

Dönmez, referring to today held the first boron exports to China by rail from Turkey, he continued:

“Our 754-meter-long, 42-container-laden train will deliver refined boron products departing from Eskişehir Kırka to Xiyan, China, in a 2-week period. Our export train will complete the Turkish track on 2 February. It will then reach the city of Xian via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway. It will cover a total of 7 kilometers from Turkey to China. During the trip, he will pass through 792 continents, 2 seas and 2 countries. We will be able to export, which we realize between 5 and 45 days by sea, within 60-15 days by rail. TCDD's international transportation provides a new alternative and an important opportunity for us, especially against the freights that continue to increase in shipments made by sea in the recent period. A process where we can save time. It is a serious problem not only for us, but also for the markets we export to. kazanI will be.”

Mineral exports to China

China does not start Pointing to Turkey's largest export routes in the Far East, China has stated that in 2020 5,8 million tons of mineral exports made.

The board pointed out that Turkey will not start one of the strongest manufacturer in the Chinese market, he said:

“Eti Maden has a sales figure of approximately 1 million tons in the Far East market. We sell 60 to 70 percent of this figure, that is, 600 to 700 thousand tons of boron products per year to China. China ranks first in Eti Maden's regional market. The 400 thousand tons of orders Eti Maden received from the Chinese market for the first four months of this year indicates that our market share in China will increase in 2021 and our leadership will continue strongly. We have significant growth potential not only in China but also in the Asian market. Hopefully, we will increase our exports to the Far East market in a very short time with our current cooperation. "

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