8,44 percent of electricity from the wind Welcomes Turkey

flour in the face of the turkey meet the electricity from the wind
flour in the face of the turkey meet the electricity from the wind

The share of investments made in Turkey and with the development of wind energy power generation has passed 8%. Pointing out that a capacity of around 2020 MW was commissioned in addition to the existing installed capacity in the field of wind energy in 1.500, Ali Aydın, General Manager of the Country Energy, states that the flag of domestic and natural energy source wind energy was raised even higher in the Covid-19 process.

The understanding of leaving a clean environment for the future together with the experienced climatic changes and economic problems increases the need for renewable energy sources. In this quest, especially the economic, social and environmental benefits of wind energy come to the fore. Attracting investment in wind energy as environmentally friendly and cheap energy, it is also being pursued by Turkey in a serious way in the public and private sectors. Turkey's, which is 8,44% of the electricity needs from wind turbines with 3.351 pieces that reminded Country General Manager of Energy by Ali Aydin, Turkey in wind energy and moving forward on windy days.

8,44% of our electricity is provided by our wind!

According to the announcement by Turkey and Wind Energy Association data released by EPİAŞ, 2020% of Turkey's electricity production in 8,44 was met by wind energy. Especially in the face of the problems experienced in the production of energy obtained from fossil fuels in the process of pandemic benefit from the blowing wind energy Turkey, Covidien-19's electricity production by over 10% which in April reached its first peak provided by the wind. Ali Aydın, who stated that they have started to reap the fruits of the investments and developments that have been made for years in a process where the whole world has difficulty in energy production, emphasizes that although difficulties are experienced in the production and supply of components for turbines, the crisis process is tried to be overcome efficiently with the support of both the state and investors.

9.244 MWm of Installed Wind Power has been Reached!

Turkey continues to show growth in the wind energy field. Our country, which is trying to generate its energy from wind by having 2020 GW of installed wind power by 8, has commissioned close to 1,5 GW of new installed power during the difficult pandemic process with the support and investments, and closed the year 2020 with a capacity of 9.244 MWm. Reminding that the Current Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM) plays a very key role for the renewable energy sector, Ali Aydın expresses that they believe that the continuity of YEKDEM as a sector provides significant gains for the continuation of growth in the wind.

Maintenance of Wind Turbines Continuity of Energy

Wind turbines constitute one of the most important points that transform wind energy into electricity. Regular and irregular maintenance determines the future of wind turbines, whose number has increased with the investments made over the years and the need for wind energy. Ali Aydın, who stated that many visible or invisible damages in the wind turbines that are installed and started production affect the life of the turbine and the energy production, especially because of the invisible damages that cannot be detected in the wind turbines, or a scratch on the turbine blades that was ignored at first from the turbine's turbine He points out that it can cause many problems until his departure. Stating that the life span of wind turbines can reach an average of 25 years with regular maintenance, Aydın states that if the maintenance and maintenance of the components of wind turbines are not carried out regularly, they give alarm and will cause serious damages.

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