Turkey Becomes Hope! Construction of 50 Thousand Briquette Houses in Idlib Has Ended

turkey hope going idlibt thousand bricks had reached the end of the house construction
turkey hope going idlibt thousand bricks had reached the end of the house construction

A large part of the construction of the briquette houses, which were started to be built in 124 different locations in rural Idlib, for families who were victims of the civil war and lost their homes in Syria, to live in a safe area. Deputy Minister İsmail Çataklı visited the families living in the briquette houses set up in the countryside of Idlib with the accompanying delegation and also examined the areas where the houses are still being built. Emphasizing that the western world, especially Europe, did not fulfill its commitments to war victims, Çataklı said, "It is very important that all these people have homes where they can put their heads as soon as possible."

Syria's Idlib Turkey extends helping hand to refugees in the city. In the regions around the city, families suffering from tents in the harsh winter conditions are counting the days to move on to briquette houses, and the construction of the houses has reached the final stage. The construction of 52 thousand 772 of the 27 thousand 665 briquette houses planned to be built has been completed. More than 80 thousand people have already been placed in these houses, primarily widows, orphans and disabled people. Our Deputy Minister, Mr. İsmail Çataklı said, “The Western world, especially the European countries, remained silent for the drama in Idlib in Syria. Turkey undertook this study with our hearts wealth. This is a great human movement. Our people handed it to the oppressed ”he said.

From Tent to Home Warmth

fled from the attacks of the regime in Syria, 81 percent of civilians settled in the tent city on the border with Turkey is made up of women and children. 1 million 146 thousand 527 people live in the camps in the Idlib Strain Relief Zone. Due to the regime's attacks on the border with Turkey resumed migration, border close in the first stage standing with the transition to the camping area was established in Idlib and surrounding families who placed the tents had to face the negative effects of winter conditions at this time. While the families are counting the days to pass to the briquette houses, which are still being built, the construction of 52 thousand 772 of the 27 thousand 665 briquette houses planned to be built has been completed. More than 2 thousand people, primarily widows, orphans and disabled people, have already been placed in these houses, each costing between 7 and 80 thousand TL. In other words, 17 thousand 553 families got away from tents and gained the warmth of home. With the completion of the construction of 50 thousand permanent residences, all war victim families will experience the happiness of putting their heads under one roof.

In order to improve the living conditions of civilians in the region, last year in Turkey, 'We are a research, İdlib'in We stand with the slogan campaign was launched for the construction of permanent housing. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emine Erdogan provided financial support to the campaign, which included aid organizations besides the Turkish Red Crescent and AFAD, and more than 700 million lira was collected.

Permanent Housing in 8 Regions

Housing the vast majority of the areas between border crossing to Turkey from Idlib Cilvegözü opened the road to the first major settlement in which it operates, and many traders in the village with winding Barisa; It was built in the regions of Atme, Killi, Meshed Ruhin, Deyr Hassan, Tel Kerema, Sheikh Bahr, Babiska and Bab el Hava. In line with the request of the Syrians, 2 ton water tanks were placed on the roofs of the houses, which were projected on 39 square meters as 1 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and courtyard.

Tents Used in İzmir Earthquake Come to Help in Idlib

Our Deputy Minister, Mr. İsmail Çataklı said the following:

“We are building 2 thousand 100 houses in the Der Hassan area. Houses were made block by block. It has two chambers and a sink. After 52 thousand houses, new ones will be built with gardens. The price of a briquette house varies between 2 and 7 thousand lira, excluding its infrastructure. The reason why these prices differ is due to the role of different organizations / NGOs. However, AFAD has undertaken all of the infrastructure and canalization services. Towards the middle of February, settlement will begin in the region. Approximately 2 thousand 100 families, ie 12-13 thousand people will live. All of these areas are built with social areas in mind; mosque, school, health center and administrative building are also allocated. Each NGO also has different school projects. Briquette prices were proportioned to the prices that NGOs obtained from the campaign. NGOs took the commitments from citizens. The roofs of the first houses were tents, now they are made of concrete, so the price is different. There are approximately 3 million 750 thousand people here.

Creating a job area in Idlib is difficult now, the priority is to establish security. We have operation areas in Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch, Peace Spring, these are our priority. Our range of motion is limited. A week ago there was heavy rain in this area. Approximately one thousand tents became unusable. With the coordination of 11 NGOs in the field and our Ministry, 900 tents, blankets and beds were sent to the region. We used these tents in the earthquake in Izmir. We brought it from there. "

We Look At Their Execution Not Their Words, Their Words Are Our Karnimiz Tok

Our President Mr. In his speech to the ambassadors of EU countries in Ankara, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that he had made an offer to EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen to visit the briquette houses built in northern Syria. Regarding the visits of Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney to the Hatay border and the Head of EU Delegation Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut to the Kilis and Gaziantep border the previous day, Mr. Çataklı said, “The EU has not fulfilled the commitments it had previously made to us. Therefore, we are now looking at the actions of the EU, not the words. If they do something, we will see what they do. We are full of words, ”he said. Our Deputy Minister, Mr. Çataklı Ismail, stated that some of provocation be effective on its pledges to help the EU, "Somebody needed home property in Turkey, he says he needs assistance to Turkey. When the intention is bad, we try to ignore every good deed we do. It is very campy inside. "Some of them, mostly IYI Party deputies, have no way of not knowing the situation here," he said.

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