The Turkish Contracting Sector Undertakes 2020 thousand 128 Projects in 10 Different Countries in 525

Contracting sector has undertaken a thousand projects in different countries
Contracting sector has undertaken a thousand projects in different countries

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan stated that the cost of the projects undertaken by Turkish companies in 2020 has reached a size of 14,4 billion dollars as of now, "As of today, our contracting sector has undertaken 128 thousand 418,7 projects worth 10 billion dollars in 525 different countries of the world." said.

Pekcan received global recognition at the "2020 International Contracting and Technical Consultancy Services Evaluation Meeting" held at the Headquarters of the Turkish Contractors Association (TMB) for the projects carried out in 128 different countries on different continents. kazanHe said that the contracting industry continues to be one of Turkey's leading brand industries.

Stating that the Turkish contracting industry maintains its strong performance despite the cyclical developments such as political and economic fluctuations in the world, thanks to the entrepreneurship and rapid mobility of the construction industry, Pekcan said, “As of today, our contracting industry has undertaken 128 projects worth $ 418,7 billion in 10 different countries of the world. . ” used the expression.

Pekcan stated that the volume of work undertaken abroad by Turkish contractors in the 1972-year period covering the period 2002-30 was approximately 50 billion dollars, while the volume of work undertaken abroad since 2002 has exceeded 369 billion dollars, the total project value undertaken in the last 18 years stated that it constitutes 88,1 percent of the cost.

The sector, cumulative maximum of Independent States Commonwealth of geography, that the Middle East and undertaking business in North Africa, pointing Pekcan, this 84,4-geography of the adoption of the 3 percent of the total project size was stated that Turkey's traditional markets.

Pekcan explained that the sector has undertaken the most housing-residence, highway, trade centers, power plants and airports projects so far, and said, "Our total size in these 5 sub-categories reaches approximately 200 billion dollars." said.

"We continue to use commercial diplomacy channels effectively"

Stating that factors such as the stagnation and insecurity in the global economy, trade wars, political instability in the regions where the project is undertaken, and fluctuations in energy prices can negatively affect the undertaking of new projects abroad, Pekcan continued as follows:

“In addition to all these problems, the global economy is experiencing one of the most difficult periods in recent history due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic. We know that the measures taken within the scope of the epidemic affected the services sector the most and first. Therefore, our overseas contracting and technical consultancy sector was also seriously affected by the process. We see that the Kovid-19 outbreak slowed or even stopped the construction of new projects in many countries. "

Stating that one of the most important issues at this stage is to minimize the negative impact on existing projects carried out by companies, Pekcan said, “In this period when all countries take restrictive measures within the scope of the epidemic and priorities change, the process is carefully and coordinated with all our stakeholders in order to minimize the impact of our industry. we watch. On the other hand, despite the effects of the epidemic, we continue to use commercial diplomacy channels effectively for our contracting and technical consultancy sector to undertake more projects. " he spoke.

"Our expectation in 2021 is that the total project size will exceed 15 billion dollars"

Underlining that a project size of over $ 2019 billion was achieved in the overseas contracting industry in 19,7, Pekcan used the following statements:

“This value was an important level despite the ongoing trade wars and instabilities in the international arena. In fact, we had a good start in 2020 despite everything, and we undertook serious and prestigious projects in the first months of the year. We were aiming to exceed the project size of 2020 billion dollars in 20 despite all global economic problems. However, the global effects of the epidemic caused us to have a very difficult year in terms of undertaking new projects. Despite this, I would like to state with pleasure that the project cost of the projects undertaken by our companies in 2020 has reached a size of 14,4 billion dollars as of now.

We anticipate that, with the addition of information on new projects undertaken at the end of the year, we will have closed 2020 with a size of over 15 billion dollars. We believe that this magnitude is an important and admirable success achieved despite the postponement of short-term investment policies of all countries due to the many negative developments in the world economic and political conjuncture, as well as the contracting effects of the Kovid-2020 epidemic on a global scale as of March 19.

Stating that this figure is proof that Turkish contractors can perform seriously even under difficult conditions abroad, and provides continuity in this context, Pekcan said, "Considering the effects of the Kovid-19 epidemic, our expectation is that the total project size will exceed 2021 billion dollars in 15." said.

Most projects were undertaken in the Russian Federation with $ 4,6 billion

Pekcan pointed out that the companies are now accelerating their efforts to enter Western European and USA markets, which are an important market in the contracting sector, as well as the traditional markets, “When we look at the national and regional distribution of the projects undertaken for 2020, the most projects have been undertaken in the Russian Federation. the amount of new projects undertaken here has reached 4,6 billion dollars. " used the expression.

Following the Russian Federation, among the top 2020 countries where the most projects were undertaken in 20, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, and the Balkans such as Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Senegal, USA, Mozambique and England, as well as traditional markets. Stating that Western Europe, America and Sub-Saharan African countries are included, Pekcan said, “In addition, projects have been undertaken by the sector in Asian countries such as India and Afghanistan in 2020. The fact that our contracting sector maintains its share in traditional markets and reaches a significant size in new markets strengthens our expectations for the future. he spoke.

Pekcan pointed out that the companies have taken various steps to meet their financing needs more recently, and emphasized that they are trying to make Eximbank loans more accessible, increase resources and diversify.

Stating that their efforts to create alternative financing methods are continuing, Pekcan said that efforts are also continuing to increase cooperation in countries with financing capacity and in third countries.

"We expect the technical consultancy sector to exceed 150 million dollars"

Underlining that in terms of technical consultancy and engineering, companies have been actively and seriously supporting the sector since 2011 to further strengthen and realize projects on a global scale.

“Our technical consultancy sector has undertaken approximately 124 thousand 2,6 projects, worth 2 billion dollars, in 200 different countries. As in our contracting sector, the technical consultancy sector of our country also performed very importantly in 19 despite all the negative developments in the world conjuncture and the devastating effects of the Kovid-2020 outbreak and reached a size of 140 million dollars. In 2021, we expect the industry to exceed the size of 150 million dollars. "

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