Used since 2016 Tubidy video and music Serves as a download program. Youtube There are hundreds of songs and music in this application. Especially Youtube If there are parts to be downloaded from the source, it will be possible to download them with Tubidy. In this way, the problem of downloading music commonly experienced by iPhone users will be eliminated. The fact that the application applied during the download offers different download options for videos such as 240p, 720p is appreciated by the users. kazanis working. While doing this, there will be no disruption in the normal use of the phone.

Is it Paid to Download the Tubidy Application?

Tubidy download the app There is no charge for this and all you have to do is to type "tubidy" in the search field in the app store. The application can be downloaded for free from the page that opens. Services by this music program are offered to users free of charge. In return, it is possible to see advertisements in the application. Users who are bothered by advertisements can provide a flat and comfortable use by making online purchases if they wish.

How to Use Tubidy Application?

Providing easy access to video and music content tubidy app usage it is extremely simple. To use the application, the download process is completed and the system is entered. Not every user has to download and those who wish can use the application to listen to music. Users who want to create their own favorite page in the application can turn the most listened music into a list. These can be accessed later in my account. In addition, the program also includes options such as the most watched videos, recent searches, most searched content. You can find help from these categories when searching for music or videos. Application Youtube The music and video options are quite wide. Thus, it will be possible to find and download almost every desired domestic and foreign content.

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