Last Day in Trabzon to Define HES Code to Personal Transportation Cards February 1

Those who do not have an account code from February in Trabzon will not be able to benefit from public transport
Those who do not have an account code from February in Trabzon will not be able to benefit from public transport

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality announced that the code of Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) was made compulsory in the use of public transportation vehicles. In this context, citizens who do not define their HES code on their personal transportation cards will not be able to use public transportation as of February 1, 2021.

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality continues its effective fight against the coronavirus epidemic in all areas. After the data system of the Ministry of Health is integrated into the Metropolitan Municipality system, Trabzon residents will be able to travel more safely.


In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, the following statements were used.
“Based on the circular issued on 17 December 2020 and sent with 81, HES code application will be mandatory in public transportation vehicles belonging to the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the relevant circular, HES code query process has started at the entrance of public transportation vehicles and institutions and organizations. Passengers who do not define HES codes on their public transport personal cards as of February 1, 2021 will not be able to use our buses. "


“After the HES code query is read by the relevant institution or organization to the validators in the public transportation vehicles, the system integrated by the Ministry of Health is transmitted to the system, along with the boarding information, the contamination risk and the information of the people with contact. If the personalized card for which the HES code is not defined is read by the validator, he will be informed that the HES code is not defined and that he cannot use the vehicle. "


"Daily passenger data is queried through the system in the Ministry of Health and integrated into it, and if the people who are in contact with the risk of contamination should not use public transport, they are notified to the Ministry of Interior after their boarding is determined and the necessary penal action is applied."


“You can get your HES code in 3 ways;

  1. Via Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application, it is entered into the 'HES Code Transactions' section. The 'Generate HEPP Code' button is clicked. Code usage period is selected and code is generated.
  2. Write HES and leave a space between them, respectively; By writing the Turkish identity number, the last 4 digits of the Turkish identity serial number and the sharing period (in days) and sending an SMS to 2023;
    Individuals with Blue Card or TR ID number starting with 97, 98, 99, by typing HES and leaving a space between them; By writing the TR ID number, the year of birth and the sharing period (in days) and sending an SMS to 2023;
    For those who do not have a TR ID or foreign identity number (starting with 99, 98, 97), the HES code can be obtained by writing the passport information and HES, leaving a space between them, nationality, passport serial number, birth year and surname, and sending an SMS to 2023.
  3. You can also get your HES code through the e-Government system. Transactions regarding HES Code via e-Government; You can create, delete, query and view the details. "

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