TMMOB: 'Experts of Kanal Istanbul EIA Positive Decision Case Are Not Impartial'

Tmmob channel istanbul ced experts are not impartial
Tmmob channel istanbul ced experts are not impartial

TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board made an objection with a petition, drawing attention to the fact that the experts determined for the Annulment Case of Channel Istanbul EIA Positive Decision were not impartial and objective.

In the cancellation case of Kanal Istanbul EIA positive decision opened by TMMOB and its affiliated chambers, an objection was made to the expert panel determined by the court. A petition of appeal was filed with the Presidency of the Istanbul 10th Administrative Court, where the case was heard, and it was pointed out that some of the names in the delegation were not impartial and objective.

In the petition given; It was also emphasized that the delegation was appointed from the faculty members of Istanbul Technical University and Istanbul University, who provided consultancy services for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report of the Kanal Istanbul Project. In the petition, which drew attention to the fact that the court must take the necessary measures to ensure the impartiality of the expert, it said, “Since it is seen that the experts selected for the reasons explained cannot prepare an impartial report; For this reason, the experts mentioned above should be dismissed and new expert appointments should be made in their place ”.

In addition, some of the members of the delegation disregard the scientific and technical principles in their previous expertise activities, ignore the public interest, disregard objectivity, ignore the "balance of protection and use", which is the basic principle of environmental law, in favor of the project at the expense of the destruction. It was stated that they could not be impartial due to the reports they prepared.

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