New Stage in Trade

new stage in trade
new stage in trade

As the world goes through a period of intense change and uncertainty, businesses are finding it harder than ever to adapt to new marketing sales trends, anticipate demand and understand how to reach and interact with their increasingly changing target audiences. Collaborating with its members to overcome this difficult process EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association dedicated the first meeting of the new year to E-Commerce.

The speed of digital transformation with the pandemic kazanSales and marketing channels created by companies by transferring the products they produce to the digital environment have become very important. on the subject EGİAD By implementing many training programs aimed at the opportunities offered by e-commerce under the leadership of the leadership, businesses that will make e-commerce for the first time are able to transition from this process with the least damage. First mouth deposited issue on the table of experts and Turkey, bringing together leading members with e-commerce site Aegean Young Business People Association's recent guest of E-Commerce Business Association Board Member Asli was Öztap. Moderated EGİAD Secretary General Prof. Dr. In the opening speech of the meeting made by Fatih Dalkılıç EGİAD Chairman Mustafa Aslan, 2020% in 13, while the proportion of online shoppers in Europe for the first time that the 25% rate in Turkey, he said. Emphasizing that e-commerce systems have removed the barriers in front of SMEs and women, and regional-based initiatives have made their place on a national basis, he said, “In a period when habits change, customers who are accustomed to the comfort of e-commerce are expected to continue to do e-commerce after the pandemic. This situation makes it necessary for both companies and the state to focus on e-commerce and its advanced step, e-export, and to eliminate the problems and legislative deficiencies in practice as soon as possible. Growing in volume day by day with the use of internet and mobile tools, e-commerce experienced the acceleration it will experience in 2020-19 years, thanks to Kovid-3, in just 5 months, unaccounted for since March 6. e-commerce to be crowded population in Turkey favorable factors, the rate of Internet usage in height, growing in number every day can be counted as developing and developed alternative payment systems and banking systems. In addition to the high proportion of young population in Turkey and easily to new technologies that contribute to the development of young population and rapidly adapt to the e-commerce, "he said.

Aslı Öztap, Board Member of the E-Commerce Businesses Association, pointed out that e-commerce has grown rapidly in the last period and said, “E-commerce, which was 2019 billion in 136, reached 2020 billion in 250. It is such a growth that we can now access analysis reports, which were viewed once a year, every 6 months. E-commerce has also spread to the 18-70 age range. In the past, 8 million consumers who did not shop online have entered this sector by purchasing credit cards. It is inevitable to foresee that the industry will grow rapidly, as logistics and payment systems stand by us as partners that feed the industry. Thanks to e-commerce sites, we see that the number of exports is increasing rapidly. While the number of countries exported over the internet was 2019 in 3, this figure increased to 2020 in 20. This increase is one of the contributions of e-commerce sites. This number will grow even more in 2021. We are in such a new phase that I think everyone who produces will invest in digital investment, even if it is a breath of fresh air, ”he said.

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