TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük Started Workplace Visits

hasan pezuk, general manager of tcdd transportation, started his workplace visits
hasan pezuk, general manager of tcdd transportation, started his workplace visits

Hasan Pezük, who started to work as the General Manager of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, made examinations at the workplaces of Istanbul Regional Directorate.

In the briefing given by the department managers of the Istanbul Regional Directorate on January 8, 2021, the activities carried out in the region, the problems encountered, solutions, and the pandemic process and the aftermath of the passenger and freight transportation were evaluated.

Pezük, the General Manager, who also visited the workplaces in the region, emphasized that he carried out very good projects related to rail systems in his professional life and that qualified human resources are very important in the healthy operation of this system: “The railway sector is a very large family. It is not an easy task to transport thousands of tons of cargo and thousands of people from one place to another every day. First of all, it obliges to comply with safety rules and to ensure a very good coordination. I ask all my colleagues to show the necessary sensitivity in this matter. During the pandemic, our performance, especially in freight transportation, will gradually increase after the pandemic. There will also be a significant increase in passenger circulation. One of our cities where this increase will be experienced the most is Istanbul. Here, we need to make the necessary preparations, planning and take the necessary measures to solve the problems and problems without delay. "

Pezük, because to see that someone from within the rail sector as the sector is growing stronger every day by expressing his great pleasure, "Railway a stronger Turkey, is further strengthened in all areas. As long as we walk decisively towards the same goal in unity and solidarity. I believe that we will work in great harmony with all my railroad friends who are committed to this goal. " said.

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  1. . As a general rule, it is unacceptable to appoint a top manager outside of an institution. For this reason, an expert trained within the institution is required to be a manager. When the outside person grasps the job, he is dismissed and an incompetent person is appointed again. This situation harms the institution ... This practice, which also causes damage every year, is wrong. Although it is not a stranger to the rail systems, what they know is not enough, the business in IETT is very different .. The professions, duties and conditions are different in tcdd. 6 years pass before the new top manager understands the expressions. 10 years to understand the working conditions… the consultants and the experts on the sled are hardly supported. For TCDD, sacrifice, goodwill, tolerance and justice are important. I hope it will be successful.