Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 826 Worker Recruitment Lot Results Announced

Agricultural worker scholar rules determined before a notary public
Agricultural worker scholar rules determined before a notary public

The drawing of lots was completed by the Notary for the recruitment of 826 permanent Agricultural Workers announced through İŞ-KUR to be employed in the provincial organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Upon the permission of 826 open employee assignment given by the Presidency of Strategy and Budget, applications were received through İŞ-KUR and a total of 100 thousand 575 applications were made.

54. Under the supervision of the commission established by the Notaries and Notaries Union and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 16 principal and 2021 substitute candidates were determined in the draw that started at 10:00 on January 826, 826 with two camera recordings.

The results of the draws, which were completed at 16.01.2021:20 on 00 in the Atatürk Conference Hall of the Central Campus of the Ministry, were recorded by the officials of the 54th Notary.

54. Appointment procedures of principal and substitute candidates determined by the Notaries and Notaries Union; document checks, criminal records and will be made after examining whether they meet the required conditions.

Instead of the main candidate who is determined to not meet the conditions, the substitute candidates who meet the conditions will be appointed by the notary public.

Right to appoint a draw result kazanThe principal and alternate candidates must submit the documents specified in the general and special conditions in the advertisement. 22.01.2020 they must submit them to the relevant units of our ministry, to which they apply until the end of the deadline.

Right to appoint as a result of drawing kazanfor a list of permanent and substitute candidates CLICK HERE

Noble candidates;

  1. Identity Card (Identity Card) sample.
  2. Certificate of residence. (e-Government printout is valid).
  3. Criminal Record Status Document. (e-Government printout is valid)
  4. Military Status Certificate. (Military Branch approved or e-Government printout is valid)
  5. The education certificate required for the vacant job position applied
  6. Other certificates specified in special conditions.
  7. A medical report stating that there is no health condition that prevents working.


The documents must be submitted by applying to the workplace to which the application is made until the end of the working hour on 22.01.2021 at the latest. Document delivery will be made in person, applications made by mail, cargo, courier will not be accepted.

The received documents will be forwarded to the General Directorate of Personnel by our workplaces, and Lottery and Review Commission After being reviewed by, the assignment process will be carried out. As a result of placement, candidates who do not have the required qualifications for appointment and those who have made false, misleading or false statements and have settled in their preferences, will not be appointed. The substitute candidates will be appointed to the places of the permanent candidates who do not apply and those who are not appointed because they do not meet the requirements for the position they applied for. The announcement to be made for reserve candidates will be announced separately on our website.

Announcement, right to settle as a result of lots kazanIt is in the nature of a notification for moments and no separate notification will be made to the right holders.

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