What Should Blood Pressure Patients Pay Attention To In Winter?

What should blood pressure patients pay attention to in winter?
What should blood pressure patients pay attention to in winter?

Blood pressure patients need to be more careful in winter than in summer. Because research shows that the risk of heart attack increases by 35 percent in winter compared to summer, due to rising blood pressure. For this reason, it is of great importance for those who have blood pressure problems to take regular blood pressure measurements at home and share these measurements with their doctors when necessary.

Winter months and cold weather can bring many diseases. Vascular shrinkage with the cold can be a triggering factor for those with heart conditions. Blood pressure increases more in winter than in summer, and as a result of this, heart-related health problems may occur. Studies show that the risk of heart attack is 35 percent higher in winter compared to summer. For this reason, regular measurements during the winter months, monitoring blood pressure more carefully, not neglecting the drugs used continuously, eating healthy and physical activity are some of the points that must be regulated.

It is also very important that blood pressure measurements are made at the same time every day and on the same arm. Experts recommend wearing a tight-fitting garment and removing the watch, if any, for an accurate measurement. Before taking the measurement, resting for at least five minutes, sitting upright and supporting the arm during the measurement, not talking, not moving and not crossing the legs are among the details that should be considered.

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