Special Offers for January on Suzuki Vitara and Swift Hybrid Models

Interest advantage on vitara and swift hybrid
Interest advantage on vitara and swift hybrid

Suzuki started the new year with an attractive price and zero-interest loan application offered exclusively for the Vitara and Swift Hybrid models. With ALLGRIP 4 × 4 driving system, efficient fuel consumption and advanced security technologies, Vitara can be owned for 100 thousand TL for 12 months with 0% interest or prices starting from 284 thousand 900 TL. The Swift Hybrid, the most equipped and affordable model in its class with its fuel saving and security features exceeding 20%, is also offered for sale for 60 thousand TL for 12 months with 0 percent interest or 9 thousand TL cash purchase support.

Suzuki has launched a special application for those who want to start 2021 as a car owner. Accordingly, Vitara and Swift Hybrid models can be purchased with favorable interest advantages or special price opportunities for January. Vitara, which distinguishes itself from its competitors with many more features such as 4 × 4 capabilities, safety technologies, serial automatic gear and panoramic sunroof that provides a spacious in-car environment, will receive 100 thousand TL for 12 months or 0 thousand TL. It can be owned with prices starting from 284 TL. The Swift Hybrid, the most equipped and affordable model of its class with its automatic gearbox, safety features, and fuel savings of more than 900 percent, is offered for sale at 20 thousand TL with 60 percent interest opportunity for 12 months or 0 thousand TL cash purchase support.

Rich hardware and superior security technologies together in Vitara

Suzuki's SUV model Vitara, with its new generation all-wheel drive technology ALLGRIP, is able to offer users comfort in the city and excitement in the field. Providing high level protection for the driver and passengers thanks to its advanced safety technologies, Vitara can respond to all the needs of users with its 4 inch multimedia screen as well as 10.1 different driving modes. However, the double-stage and fully opening panoramic sunroof is also among the features that distinguish Vitara from its competitors. Vitara, which offers many more standard features such as a 6-speed fully automatic transmission and LED headlight, draws attention with its dual color options and design.

Savings and hardware are at the top level in Swift Hybrid

Suzuki Swift Hybrid is among the leading models of hybrid cars with its Suzuki Smart Hybrid Technology. Swift Hybrid provides fuel savings of more than 20 percent in urban use thanks to the integrated starter alternator (ISG) used to support the internal combustion engine and reduce emissions. Swift Hybrid, which is offered for sale with GL Techno and GLX Premium equipment levels in our country, is one of the most equipped cars in its class with LED headlights and LED taillight group, 16-inch alloy wheels, 9-inch touchscreen multimedia system and navigation, LCD road information display, keyless start system and dual color options. has the distinction of being someone.

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