Subaşı Square Arrangement Will Add Value to the Region

Officer square arrangement will add value to the region
Officer square arrangement will add value to the region

Subaşı Square Arrangement, which is one of the transformation projects initiated by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and started to be built, will add value to the region both in terms of architecture and historical texture. Within the scope of the project, which is built on an area of ​​1472 square meters, a 150-storey mechanical car park and masjid for 2 vehicles will be built.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which increases the life quality of the city every year with the investments it has realized in Samsun, continues to undertake important projects in 17 districts from infrastructure to transportation, from culture to rural development and urban transformation. The Metropolitan Municipality, which determined 2021 as the year of the project, hit the first dig in Subaşı Square.

Stating that the demolition and square arrangement works in Subaşı will be continued and finalized quickly, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “As we have stated at every opportunity, we are working in accordance with the historical identity of our city. Our Subaşı Square Arrangement is one of them. We started the demolition work. Within the scope of the project, the historical texture in the square will be revealed. Hamidiye Fountain will be rebuilt. A mosque suitable for the historical texture will be built ”.


Emphasizing that the new arrangement works in Subaşı Square will add a great value to the region within the scope of the project to be built on a total area of ​​1472 square meters, Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “The parking lot will be a fully automatic mechanical system and will be built with 2 floors. Nearly 150 vehicles can be parked. Within the scope of the project, Hamidiye Fountain in the square will be rebuilt in accordance with the historical texture. Subaşı will make a difference with its fully automatic car park, green planting applications on its facades and landscaping. We aim to present an image that is architecturally compatible with the environment. When it is completed, it will add a serious value to the region with its architecture and texture ”.

Stating that investments will continue to increase in every sense and that they are rebuilding Samsun, Mayor Demir said, “We are working day and night with our teammates to carry Samsun to a beautiful future with the path we believe in, with effort, sincerity and fairness. "All our efforts are for the welfare and happiness of our people."

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