Aras Kargo Accelerated its Technological Transformation and Infrastructure Investments

speeded up interim cargo technological transformation and infrastructure investments
speeded up interim cargo technological transformation and infrastructure investments

Turkey's leading cargo companies Aras Cargo and innovative technological process that began before the pandemic has accelerated the transformation and infrastructure investments. Aras Kargo, which has invested approximately 2 million TL in total in the last 300 years in IT infrastructure and operational regulations; It completed the technological transformation of Ankara Transfer Center in 2020. Transforming a total of 8 transfer centers together with Ankara, the company has become the best in the sector with a 3-fold increase in hourly processing capacity.

Aras is one of the most extensive distribution network in Turkey with a cargo shipping company, in order to manage time better and capacity, the regeneration of technological transfer centers and infrastructure continues unabated efforts for strengthening. Aras Kargo carries an average of over 28 million shipments per day with a total of 1 transfer centers today; According to the increasing e-commerce volume and changing demands, in the last two years; invested nearly 300 million TL in the transfer center, IT infrastructure and operational arrangements.

Giving information on the subject, Aras Kargo General Manager Utku Ayyarkın said, “First, we renewed the İkitelli Transfer Center, which is one of the largest transfer centers in terms of both transaction volume and square meters, technologically, and increased its hourly capacity from 5 packages to 500 packages. In the first quarter of 27, we technologically renewed our Transfer Center in Istanbul Anatolian Side Orhanlı and Izmir and switched to the sorter system. "We achieved a capacity increase of more than 600 percent with these investments we made in 2019 transfer centers, including our Transfer Centers in Ankara and Anatolia."

1 thousand cargo packages are processed in 220 day

Completing the transformation of Ankara Transfer Center in 2020, Aras Kargo increased the area of ​​the transfer center, which has an area of ​​4 square meters, to 500 square meters. Ankara Transfer Center, which previously served with a capacity of 10 packages per hour, increased its capacity to 500 packages with its renovation and technological infrastructure works and further improved its service quality.

Thanks to the increase in capacity, the number of cargo packages processed in one day reached 28 thousand in Ankara Transfer Center, where distribution is made to transfer centers in 1 cities.

1 billion TL investment target

Drawing attention to the importance of the role undertaken by the transfer centers in the cargo sector, Ayyarkın added that these centers can be described as the heart of the distribution process operation. Ayyarkın stated that they are the best in the sector with the 3-fold increase in hourly processing capacity as a result of their investments in transfer centers.

“As this year, we will continue our technological investments in our existing transfer centers in the coming years. Our targets for the upcoming period include a total investment of 1 billion TL, covering the transfer center, IT infrastructure and operational regulations. After four big cities, we will focus on the technological investments of our transfer centers in Anatolia starting next year.

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