Measures Reducing Natural Gas Bills in Cold Weather

measures that lower natural gas bills
measures that lower natural gas bills

Natural gas consumption has increased due to snowfall and cold weather. When using natural gas, it is possible to reduce the bills and achieve high comfort by paying attention to some issues.

Stating that mistakes known correctly increase the consumption of natural gas, Üçay Mühendislik General Coordinator Özgür Şahin said, “The invoices are high due to misuse. Despite the high amounts paid, the houses cannot be heated sufficiently. " he said and shared important information.

Natural gas consumption increased with the onset of snowfall. Özgür Şahin, Üçay Mühendislik's General Coordinator, shared practical information that will reduce heating costs and lower bills. "Should the boiler be closed at night?" Özgür Şahin, who also clarified his question, said, “Turning off the combi at night and opening it in the morning does not save any money. When the boiler is turned off at night, the floor, ceiling and walls of the space cool down until the morning. In order to heat the space in the morning, the temperature of the combi is increased and the boiler works 2 times more. Thus, the savings made at night are wasted and the quality of life decreases. The right thing is to turn down the boiler at night. " said.


Stating that the settings of the combi should not be changed frequently, Özgür Şahin said, “The combi, which is opened when the weather starts to get colder, should be closed when the weather gets warmer. There are times when the boiler will be shut down during this long period. If going out for more than 1 day, the boiler can be turned off. It is wrong for someone who goes out for 2 or 3 hours to turn off the boiler. " He said and shared the following information: “Boiler maintenance and cleaning of radiators affect savings. Boilers and boiler installations that are not regularly maintained do not work efficiently and their efficiency will be low. Periodic maintenance increases the efficiency of the boiler and saves money. It also extends the life of the boiler. "


Sharing the methods of getting intensive efficiency from natural gas, Şahin said, “Radiators should never be covered. Radiators that are covered with seats and similar items cannot radiate heat and cannot heat the house. Long curtains and blinds should not fall over the radiators. Blinds that are open during the day should be closed at night. Windows are the places where the cold is most intense and they cause heat loss. " He spoke in the form.

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