Turkey Trade Center Opened in Chicago

turkey trade center in Chicago was urgent
turkey trade center in Chicago was urgent

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Turkey among 2020 countries that break export records in 44 stating that the United States takes place in first, "Now this momentum to make continuous and sustainable is important that we provide with the United States. Chicago opened in Turkey Trade Center (TTC), I consider it would be an important contribution in this regard. " said.

In his speech at the ceremony held at the TOBB Twin Towers, Pekcan said that institutionalization and institutionalization always have an important place in terms of economic efficiency and effectiveness, and that they want private sector companies to be institutionalized.

Emphasizing that they always strive to provide government services in a more institutional way, Pekcan said, “Our TTM model abroad is actually an institutionalization story. These structures, which are formed by the private sector-public cooperation, gathers our companies from one or more different sectors abroad, provide them with common opportunities and provide cost advantage, while doing these they provide unity in the promotion of Turkish products. " he spoke.

Pekcan stated that the global competitive environment is changing every day, new concepts, institutions and instruments are emerging, and this leads business people, exporters, policy makers and all relevant economic actors to develop different ways and methods in global competition, and to be innovative.

Pointing out that TTMs are also a product of this new approach, Pekcan continued as follows:

“As the Ministry of Trade, we carry out different support programs for our exporters, and we are adding new ones to these programs every day. While increasing our exports on the one hand, we aim to develop integration with branding, added value, domestic production, design, innovation and global value chains in our production and exports on the other. Established to serve these purposes basically, TTMs are centers that have at least one of the units opened abroad by our private sector organizations such as shops, offices, warehouses, exhibition halls, in order to provide convenience and efficiency in the promotion and marketing of Turkish products. As the Ministry of Trade, we support these centers, which were opened by our cooperation organizations to accommodate Turkish companies, in material and technical terms within the framework of our relevant legislation. In this way, as the Ministry, we provide our companies with significant cost advantages and logistical opportunities abroad through our cooperation organizations. "

 "Physical areas are provided to our companies at advantageous costs in TTMs"

Minister Pekcan, informing that TTMs can be established, must apply to the Ministry with a project created by cooperation organizations or a project created by these organizations in partnership with other cooperation organizations, and said, “Indeed, our Chicago TTM, which we have opened today, is also welcome to TOBB. My President (Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu) did not offend me either, he completed the establishment process under the leadership of TOBB. used the expressions.

Pekcan reminded that the companies supported the rental expenses of the units they opened abroad within the scope of the "Communiqué on the Support of Foreign Unit Brand and Promotion Activities" before implementing the TTM model as the Ministry, adding that they made this support even more comprehensive and institutional with TTMs.

Noting that they created a new model by engaging private sector organizations with TTMs, Pekcan said:

“In TTMs, physical areas are provided to our companies at advantageous costs. Our companies have units or offices to display / store their products or samples, and to maintain relations with their customers. In addition, TTM staff, employed with the support of our Ministry, provide legal and financial consultancy services to our companies regarding their business and transactions in the country, and assist them in matters they need. TTMs are also structures that benefit from the effective support of our Ministry's representatives, which work in close cooperation with our Ministry's trade advisors and attachés abroad. In this context, TTMs offer our companies very important and valuable opportunities in terms of physical existence abroad, storage, logistics, promotion and marketing.

TTM of nearly stating that it has the capacity to act as promotional and logistic bases abroad in Turkey Pekcan, Turkey Exporters under the leadership of the Parliament of England (London), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and the USA (the New York) also have the TTM told.

 Calls for exporters to benefit from TTMs

Minister Pekcan stated that they are pleased to add Chicago to the places where these centers are located, and made the following assessment:

“As we all know, the USA is a big market for our country's products and services with its high population and high income level. This TTM, opened in Chicago, will be a new and very important platform that will enable the utilization of the potential in Chicago and Illinois region, establish connections with importers in the region, and promote our country's export sectors. The Central America Region, where Chicago is located, is the largest organized industrial zone of the American continent, the largest exhibition and exhibition area in the USA, Detroit, the heart of the automotive industry, the third in the world in air cargo transportation and the leader in flight density, and many large-scale production. It is almost the heart of industry in the USA by hosting its facility. The state of Illinois, where Chicago is located, is in the top 5 in total US imports. In the imports of the state of Illinois, we see that machinery parts and parts, chemical products, automotive parts and parts, steel, furniture and apparel products are in the foreground, in line with the sectors of our TTM, which we opened.

On the other hand, Pekcan emphasized that textile, apparel, furniture, white goods, home textile, machinery, ceramics, cement, marble and leather products were determined as priority sectors in the studies carried out with the US Department of Commerce in the studies carried out by the Ministry to increase bilateral trade with the USA. He stated that the sectors in which the Chicago TTM will operate are in harmony with the priority sectors.
Noting that they achieved a very significant increase in exports to the USA in 2020, Pekcan reported that despite the conditions of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, an increase of 13,5 percent and $ 10,1 billion was exported.

Stressing that Turkey ranks first among the 2020 countries that included the United States broke the record exports in 44, Pekcan, "Now this momentum to make continuous and sustainable is important that we provide with the United States. I think TTM in Chicago will also make important contributions in this sense. I think the opening timing of our TTM is quite right. " said.

Stating that TTM is currently operating with TIM in Manhattan, New York, Pekcan said, “With the Chicago TTM, which we have opened today, together with TOBB, we are offering a brand new place that is worthy of our exporters and the prestige of Turkish export products. Chicago TTM is starting to serve our exporter in a modern building with office, warehouse, exhibition hall and other common areas. On this occasion, once again, I invite all of our export companies to participate in TTMs abroad and to benefit from the opportunities offered by these centers. Likewise, as the Ministry of Commerce, we are always ready and will be supporting the establishment of new TTMs in different centers of the world, according to the need and demand. We are ready to provide the necessary support for the realization of every TTM project that will mature under the leadership of TOBB, TİM and DEİK. As long as our exporter wants it. We will continue to stand by our exporters for the realization of new TTMs, which have the potential and feasibility to increase our exports all over the world at all times. " he spoke.

During the ceremony, the officials at Chicago TTM were contacted by video conference method. Ministers Pekcan, and wished success to the participants in the United States and Turkey simultaneously opening ribbon was cut.

President Hisarcıklıoğlu also presented a symbolic key of TTM to Minister Pekcan.

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