Security Violence Against Immigrant Children in Marmaray

security violence against immigrant children in marmaray
security violence against immigrant children in marmaray

Passengers took care of the four immigrant children who were harassed by security guards for allegedly illegally boarding Marmaray in Istanbul. The security guard responded to the passenger who reacted by saying "These are children, you cannot pull your hair out" and "Take it to your house then".

According to the news in Gazete Duvar; “The violence perpetrated by the security personnel at the Marmaray Üsküdar Station in Istanbul on four immigrant children alleging that they" got on the train illegally "drew the reaction of the passengers. Security guards also discussed with the passengers trying to prevent him from harassing the children. A passenger named Hakan Tosun recorded the incident on his mobile phone and shared the following on his Twitter account: “The place is Marmaray Üsküdar station. The security guards want to remove 4 immigrant children whom they claim to have entered Marmara illegally and complained by holding their hair. Passengers intervene. They walk on me because I am shooting. Will @Marmaraytcdd make a statement? "


According to the images shared by Hakan Tosun, one of the security guards responded to the woman passenger who reacted by saying, "Why are you pulling the child, pulling her hair?" The security guards tugging the children clinging to the bars crying, and the passengers who said, "Okay, don't do it, I'll pay for the ticket", "These children will get off here. Complain to whomever you want ”he said. A security guard tried to get him off the train, even though he walked over the passenger who recorded the incident on his cell phone and said "I am a journalist." One of the children reacted to the security officer who said “I pulled from his clothes, not his hair” saying “You beat him in Sirkeci the other day”.

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