33 buses taken for in-city transportation in Samsun started the trip

Bus service started in Samsun for transportation within the city.
Bus service started in Samsun for transportation within the city.

33 buses purchased by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality started the journey with a ceremony held today. Mayor Mustafa Demir, "Our goal is to build a city where the happiest people of Turkey. We are the center of the region in every field. "We will build the municipality together that deserves the glory of this city, which is the center of the region and where the first step of the liberation of our country was taken."

The commissioning ceremony of 33 new buses purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality was held. President Mustafa Demir, Vice President Nihat Soğuk, Secretary General İlhan Bayram, Deputy Secretary General Şenol Yıldız, Deputy Secretary General Ali Seyfi Küçükgöncü, SAMULAŞ A.Ş. General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı, BMC General Manager Mustafa Altun, bus drivers and citizens attended.

Mentioning the importance of the buses they put into use to provide a qualified, high quality, comfortable and punctual service, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “Municipalism is a It is the most important, most authoritative and effective medium that makes him happy in this city, which is with him in case of need. We completed our transportation master plan in Samsun. It will be implemented largely in 1. 350 new, zero, state-of-the-art buses costing 2022 million lira are starting today ”.

take the electric bus service in Turkey will be the first municipality representing President Mustafa Demir, "We plan to take it to the service in 2021. In time, we will turn our expired buses into electric buses within the framework of planning certain lines. Especially, we create a line between Taflan-Airport. "We will use our electric buses here," he said.


Public transportation in Turkey said that they are one of the most dynamic cities in the Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, said:

“We encourage the use of these buses, including our people who go to the workplace with their own vehicles, with their comfort, punctuality and safety. Our request from all our drivers is as follows; Let's serve the people of our samsun as if they are carrying their own brother, mother, father and child at the point of transportation. We are making projects that will change Samsun's future march, from infrastructure to superstructure, from culture to art, to tourism. We are walking together towards a completely different Samsun. Our goal is: We will positively touch the lives of 1 million 350 thousand people. His trust, love, respect and affection kazanWe are on a very nice walk at the ma point. Our goal is to build the city where the happiest people of Turkey live. We are the center of the region in every field. Together, we are building and will build the municipality that befits the glory of this city, which is the center of the region and where the first step for the liberation of our country has been taken.”

SAMULAŞ A.Ş. General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı stated that they are working to ensure that transportation is safe and comfortable and said, “Although the number of passengers decreased by approximately 75 percent before the pandemic, we continued to serve with the same rate and even more vehicles. In the process that took about a year, we had great difficulties as a country. The biggest reflection of these was public transportation. While we carry approximately 50 thousand passengers on the tram, we are currently carrying 85 thousand passengers. Likewise, while we have nearly 30 thousand passengers on buses, we currently carry around 40 thousand passengers. During this period, we increased our services. We continue our work by maximizing our service quality with the vision our President Mustafa Demir has drawn for us. Our vehicle number has increased from 15 to 100. We now have the youngest fleet in Turkey. “Our average age dropped from 133 to 6”.

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