Customs Clearance Services Started at Samsun Logistics Center

Customs clearance services started at samsun logistics center
Customs clearance services started at samsun logistics center

Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced that customs clearance services have started by the Ministry of Commerce in Samsun Logistics Center, which is built on an area of ​​680 thousand square meters and 70 percent of which is rented.

In the announcement made by Samsun TSO, it was stated that "Road customs clearance procedures have started as of today by the Ministry of Commerce, Central Black Sea and Customs Foreign Trade Regional Directorate at the national and international Logistics Center where our Chamber is the biggest partner."

Logistics Center in Samsun, Turkey, North Gate Logistics Sector

Stating that the Logistics Center has an advantage in global competition, Governor Assoc. Dr. Zülkif Dağlı said the following:

Logistics Center in Samsun, Turkey's north gate in the logistics sector. The Black Sea basin distribution, collection and consolidation center is the connection point with the south. It is one of the important stops in world trade with its strategic location as well as air, land, sea and rail transportation. The fact that it is located on the China - Central and West Asia corridor route in the New Silk Road Project and is located on the Viking Railway Line makes our logistics center an advantage in global competition.

"Samsun Logistics Center, 680 thousand square meters Mountaineers indicating on was built, said:" In terms of the form of transport made using at least two replacement transport container of different transport modes is Turkey's first intermodal logistics center was built on 680 thousand square meters. 225 thousand square meters of this area is reserved for closed storage areas. Currently, we have 3 types of warehouses of different sizes, whose construction is completed and ready to use. The total area of ​​our ready-to-use warehouses is 80 thousand square meters and 70 percent of them are currently rented. In addition, the first phase of 9 dry bulk cargo warehouses with a total area of ​​750 thousand 7 square meters, 5 thousand square meters, will be put into service in June 2021.

In Samsun Logistics Center, besides warehouse rental services, office rental, open field rental, bonded warehouse service, handling services, project cargo handling, container storage and truck parking services are also offered. Our center is 2,5 kilometers from Toros and Yesilyurt ports, 18 kilometers from Samsunport, 8 kilometers from Çarşamba Airport and 2 kilometers from Samsun-Ordu highway.

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